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    The KAA Museum Holds the Heroes Concert in Commemorating KAA


    BANDUNG-As the capital of Asian and African countries re-carve a new history with the appearance of Bandung Philharmonic symphony orchestra in a concert entitled "Heroes" on Saturday, April 23, 2016, 19:00 pm, tomorrow at Gedung Merdeka, Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung.

    Heroes Concert is an important event in the series of the 61st Asian-African Conference 2016. This involves a symphony orchestra concert of young musicians and conductors of international class that aims to provide services in honour of state leaders who had initiated the peace movement to the world.

    From the release of the Museum, in line with the mission of world peace that still resonate today, a conductor from the US, Robert Nordling argues "to appreciate the work and take part of the purpose of their great, Bandung Philharmonic concerts that brought music to the heroes of the world”.

    Robert added orchestra will play music to celebrate people who are able to take bold action in the middle of chaos.

    "Most of them are historians, in part other than the writer, but overall it’s all can only be achieved with dedication and hard work," said Robert Nordling, who served as Music Director of the Philharmonic Bandung.

    Heroes Concert also get a serious response from a cultural city of Bandung, Aat Suratin. According to Aat Suratin Bandung spirit Philharmonic in line with the desire of KAA.

    "The spirit of Bandung Philharmonic concert Heroes in line with the desire and spirit of the Asian-African Conference against fear, oppression, with the hope of peace for a better future. That, no struggle impossible for fraternity and peace," said Aat Suratin.

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