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    Population Standby: Santri Encouraged to Care for Forming Quality Families


    CIANJUR REGENCY - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum appreciated the Santri Population Standby Movement initiated by the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN).

    According to Uu, population education is needed so that West Java teenagers, including students, have the knowledge, understanding, and awareness of population conditions.

    It aims to make people have responsible behavior and care about the quality of life of present and future generations.

    Specifically for students, the Population Preparedness Movement can provide understanding to students related to the Family Life Preparation Program for Youth (PKBR).

    "Hopefully this program will be able to bring the people of West Java to determine the right, planned household and bring goodness," Uu said in the Population Alert Movement Movement at Al-Ittihad Islamic Boarding School, Cianjur Regency, Wednesday (12/18/19) ).

    "So that West Java wanted by Inner Birth Champion can be fulfilled with a planned family. So, West Java will not be great if there is no great person," he added.

    Based on the West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) projection, Uu also emphasized that West Java is the province with the most population in Indonesia, namely 49.02 million people in 2019.

    For this reason, in addition to the Family Planning program, Uu also encouraged young people to prepare their marriage well so as to produce quality offspring.

    "This is for the sake of quality offspring, so that a prosperous society will be present, it starts from family resilience," Uu said.

    The Santri Siaga Population Movement is an effort to socialize population insights to students in Islamic boarding schools through young religious teachers who have been given workshops and training by representatives of the West Java Provincial BKKBN in collaboration with the Office of the Ministry of Religion of the Province of West Java, PWNU, and the Indonesian Population Coalition. West Java Province.

    In West Java alone there are approximately 9,058 pesantren institutions with the number of religious teachers / teachers as many as 40,530 people.

    "Therefore, these clerics are strategic partners of the government to be given training so that the population program, family planning, and family development can be socialized," Uu said.

    "So that makes students as agents of change for peers and later generations about how the concept of population and family life planning," he concluded.

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