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    Ridwan Kamil Offers Rebana to Big Developers in Dubai


    DUBAI - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil continues to follow up on investment interests from entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by offering the Rebana Triangle Region (Patimban, Kertajati, Cirebon).

    Emil - his nickname - after accompanying the visit of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment Luhut B Pandjaitan, continued to hold a roadshow in Dubai, UAE to attract investors to the region which will become the center of new economic growth in the North West Java region.

    He said he was optimistic that the Rebana area would be the only key so that the economy of West Java could grow fast again by 9%. "For that reason, wherever I go, the first I offer as governor of West Java to investors is the Rebana Area," Emil told the West Java Public Relations Team in Dubai, Monday (12/16/2019) local time.

    The seriousness of peddling Patimban was shown when Emil met a number of large Dubai development companies in the roadshow. Noted Developers DP World, RW Armstrong, Trustworthy, to the Al Khoory Group offered the opportunity to develop a new city in the Rebana area.

    According to him, Dubai is the second city in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi, its character is almost the same as the Rebana Area. Because of that the Governor considered the decision to invite Dubai's international class developers to participate in developing the right Rebana Area.

    Dubai is an ideal example for the development of Rebana, not only the area that is a gathering place for industry but also able to highlight aspects of tourism.

    "We want to build a city that is not only an industrial center, but can also attract tourists. Just like Dubai, we can see so many industrial areas complete with logistics, but at the same time it still has a high tourist attraction," Emil said.

    On his visit to Dubai, Emil did not personally visit investors but brought along the Chairperson of the DPRD and the Chairperson of West Java Kadin, to show the readiness of West Java in welcoming investors from Dubai.

    West Java DPRD Chairman Taufik Hidayat said that his party would help facilitate investors from the regulatory side. "For me as the Chair of the DPRD, the oath is clear to prosper the people of West Java. So the effort to attract this investment is the main objective to rotate the economy and ultimately the people are also prosperous. Well, if needed, DPRD can help in terms of regulations, for example, "he said.

    The Rebana Triangle is recorded as a triangular area flanked, Patimban port in Subang, Kertajati Airport in Majalengka, and Train in Cirebon. This area is also crossed by the Trans Java toll road.

    This area has a wide area consisting of Cirebon Regency with an area of ??1,072.29 square km, Subang Regency 2,051.76 square km, while Majalengka Regency is 1204.24 square km. When combined, the total area of ??the Tambourine Triangle reaches 4,328.29 sq km.

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