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    Sarling in Cirebon City: Atalia Invites Students to Become a Planning Generation


    CIREBON CITY - Literacy Mother of West Java Province Atalia Ridwan Kamil conducted a Mobile Broadcast (Sarling) at SMA Negeri 3 Cirebon, Cirebon City, Monday (16/12/19). On that occasion, he explained the importance of developing themselves and aspiring.

    "Earlier we were present at Cirebon 3 Public High School, which is extraordinary, because they maintain the archipelago culture, especially the West Java region. So, the school has become a model school," said Atalia.

    "There I motivate students and explain to them the importance of us having ideals. Then also conveying how they must always be on the path according to the path."

    "I say related to the socialization of Planning Generation (GenRe), how they should avoid the three things we have agreed on, namely avoiding free sex, no early marriage, and also stay away from drugs," he added.

    In addition, Atalia socialized a number of facts about the HIV / AIDS virus. This was done because there are still many teenagers who do not understand about the HIV / AIDS virus.

    "Because this is still December and is still related to International AIDS Day, we also provide socialization about HIV / AIDS. Because it turns out there is an understanding of adolescents who are not perfect related to their concerns. That physical contact will result in HIV / AIDS transmission," he said.

    "In fact, someone can get the virus because of four things, namely risky sex, transfusion from people who (may) have contracted, exchanging needles, and finally the most worrying is the transfer of pregnant women and breastfeeding their children," he added .

    Atalia hopes that the meeting can motivate students to work and excel. "Hopefully, this school can be an inspiration for other schools, and their students can further maximize their potential so that they can get more achievement," he said.

    Meanwhile, one of the students of SMA Negeri 3 Cirebon, Ananda Rizki Sabrina, welcomed Atalia's arrival with enthusiasm. According to him, the message conveyed by the Chairman of the TPP PKK of West Java Province was informative and valuable.

    "Earlier, Ms. Atalia conveyed a lot of useful motivations and made us aware of literacy, about the importance of seeking knowledge and the importance of choosing good relationships," he said.

    "Especially when Mrs. Atalia provided information about the dangers of HIV / AIDS, we came to understand more about how to avoid the virus, and how to spread it. Hopefully more and more events like this, "he added.

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