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    Bio Farma Explores Immunotherapy Products for Cancer


    JAKARTA (12/16/2019) - Bio Farma has expanded its collaboration network with two South Korean companies, ForeverNK Inc. and Aribio Co. Ltd. The beginning of this collaboration was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Bio Farma and the two companies based in Seongnam regarding the exploration and development of potential business opportunities involving products that are therapeutic or therapeutic for cancer. Products made using "NK Cell Therapy" technology will be provided by ForeverNK Inc. while "NK Cell Conditioned Media" will be obtained from Aribio Co. Ltd.

    NK (Natural Killer) Cells or natural killer cells are innate lymphoid cells that provide early protection against the development of cancer by killing abnormal cells in the body undergoing cellular transformation without the need for prior stimulation. This NK Cell therapy technology, will be provided by ForeverNK. Whereas NK Cell Conditioned Media is a media or 'place' for NK Cell growth to be made in a tissue culture made by Aribio.

    The MoU was signed by Bio Farma's Managing Director, Honesti Basyir, ForeverNK Chief Executive Officer, Jung Hoon Oh, and Vice Chariman, Soo-Hyun Sung, on December 16, 2019 in Jakarta.

    In his speech Honesti Basyir said, Bio Farma, which has now become a state-owned pharmaceutical holding company in October 2019, will begin to expand into the pharmaceutical product business which is immunotherapy, one of which is the product of the MoU's assessment.

    "This collaboration is the beginning of the start of Bio Farma products for immunotherapy, especially for cancer. As a first step, Bio Farma together with the two South Korean companies will develop and evaluate potential market opportunities, as well as set terms and conditions for evaluations related to NK Cell Therapy from ForeverNK and cosmetic products including NK Cell Conditioned Media from ARIBIO. ", Said Honesti.

    Honesti added, immunoterpai is a type of treatment that encourages our body's own immune system to be more effective in fighting diseases, including cancer. Bio Farma will play a role in examining and evaluating technology and products to apply it in Indonesia in collaboration with Hospitals, applying for a license, and then marketed in Indonesia through clinical services.

    Meanwhile Fred Kim, from Aribio US, said that his party welcomed the signing of the MoU aside from the fact that Bio Farma and ForeverNK shared the philosophy of being dedicated to improving quality of life, through products that have benefits for many people.

    "We hope this joint collaboration, after the signing of the MoU will create a product that can be useful in addition to cosmetics and NK Cell therapy for a better life," said Fred. (Even)

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