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    Aher Ask The Independency of West Java Coffee Wold Champion


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) asked for world champion of coffee farmers in West Java  becoming independent and affirm his business schemes.

    In this way, he said, coffee farmers was the first to enjoy a booming specialty coffee types of Java Preanger. No third parties, especially the middlemen, who allegedly still dominant enjoying a boom in commodity prices.

    It stressed when receiving coffee developer from West Java Ayi Sutedja, Wildan Mustafa, Slamet Prayogo, Dedi Darmadi. They developed six world champions coffee from West Java at the SCAA Expo in Atlanta, USA, 14-17 April 2016 ago.

    “Keep united and edify one another fellow farmers that the price is not easily mocked. With a unified, farmers can help each other, not even easy bought by middlemen when there are financial constraints," he said in the backyard of Pakuan, Thursday (4/21/2016) morning.

    According to Aher, in general, coffee farmers in West Java in the middle of the passion of farming in recent years. This occurred because of the increase in demand at the same recognition on the kind of quality coffee from West Java. The sixth SCAA champions in the event increasingly affirming coffee flavours from West Java at the national, regional and globally.

    “Coffee Farmers in West Java is newly crowned of six champions of specialty coffee in the competition in Atlanta, USA. The first champion is come from Puntang Mount which developed by Ayi Sutedja,” he said.

    According to him, the achievement also creates a rebound effect against West Java coffee seedlings which had slumped but rise in recent years.

    Aher said Java Preanger stands out for being the coffee seedlings were brought directly from the best seeds in Kenya without first spread in other locations. While other types of coffee from outside the province of West Java had scattered before cultivated in the region. "It makes the taste is not authentic anymore typical of Kenya because it had grown used to. Java Preanger hunted for authentic, so the price can be Rp 200 thousand per kg in Indonesia and Rp 600 thousand per kg for the export price," he said.

    According to Aher, the surge evocative the West Java province policy. Therefore, in the last two years, the provincial has awarded thousands of seeds to the farmers plantations in the province.

    Puntang Mount Coffee crowned champion in the SCAA Expo is visited by about 12,000 coffee stakeholders from around the world. Before he was sent as a representative criteria Portrait Country, coffee was tested first by Caswells Coffee as the only certified coffee laboratory in Indonesia with SCAA standards.

    Coffee flavour championship event for the first time followed by Ayi is the Jakarta International Expo in November 2015, which Ayi won best value (85,3) at the event and best 2 (83.5). From the results of the championship, the coffee belongs to Ayi known among coffee lovers.

    Furthermore, in early 2016 the Ministry of Trade which is supported by Caswells Coffee which guarantee institution with a certificate of product quality coffee standards of Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA),

    It selects quality coffee products from various regions in Indonesia as many as 74 coffee samples, the results will be included in Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Expo 2016 on April 14 to 17 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States (US).

    Of the 74 samples had been elected 20 of those samples with the top score will be used in some of the activities in Indonesia and Standard of Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) 2016, namely : 1. Mount Puntang; 2. Mekar Wangi; 3. Manggarai; 4. Malabar Honey; 5. Atulintang; 6. Toraja Sapan, 7. Bluemoon Organic, 8. Organic Gayo, 9. Java Cibeber, 10. Coffee Catur Washed; 11. West Java Pasundan Honey, 12. Pantan Raya; 13. Arabica Gayo Specialty; 14. Arabica Toraja, 15. Golawa; 16. Redelong; 17. Andungsari; 18. Ende; 19. Coffee Catur Hinay; 20. Temanggung.

    Of the 20 selected coffee, it turns out there are 6 coffee of which were from West Java, namely: No. 1. Mount Puntang (Ayi); No.2. Mekar Wangi (Wildfire); No.4. Malabar Honey (Slamet P); No.9. Java Cibeber (Asep); 11. West Java Pasundan Honey (Smith Mount Tilu); 17. Andungsari (Wildan).

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