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    bank bjb Digitize Pasar Baru through bjb Pasar Ngadigi


    BANDUNG - Located at Pasar Baru Bandung, Monday (12/16), the bjb bank is piloting the use of the QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard). QRIS is the latest mobile-based electronic money payment feature and is very easy to use just by downloading it through a standardized application.

    QRIS is the only QR that applies in Indonesia and was developed by Bank Indonesia and ASPI (Association of Indonesian Payment Systems) a few months ago with the aim of supporting the interconnection of payment system instruments that are broader and accommodating the needs of national financial transactions, thereby facilitating interoperability between organizer, between instruments, including between countries.

    The QRIS piloting of the BJB bank in Pasar Baru was attended by Yuddy Renaldi as the Managing Director of the BJB bank, Rio Lanasier as Director of IT, Treasury and International Banking, Agus Mulyana as Director of Compliance, Tedi Setiawan as Operations Director. And was attended by West Java Regional 2 OJK representative Adi Dharma as Head of Banking Supervision.

    This event is one of a series of activities from the implementation of bjb Digital Payment in 2019, where the bjb bank will socialize and implement the latest digital payment system platform along with other products, namely Android-based bjb EDC and financial transactions using bjb Digi (mobile banking).

    Pasar Baru Bandung was chosen as the Piloting QRIS and the implementation of the bjb Digital Payment that carries the tagline "Ngadigi Market" is of course because it is aligned with the purpose of the event which is to digitize the small traders and people of West Java so that they can directly get speed and ease in payment.

    Pasar Baru is the largest shopping tourism destination in West Java, with more than 4000 tenants who present a variety of shopping tourism ranging from fashion to food, then Pasar Baru has become one of the shopping destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

    Yuddy Renaldi as President Director of Bank BJB said that with the ease of BJB Digital Payment, the pace of retail trade and small and medium businesses, especially in West Java, increased, in accordance with the vision of the Bank BJB's mission to always support financial inclusion, create digital ecosystems, implement electronification globally and provide convenience for the public in the payment system and financial transactions.

    With the latest digital payment technology from bjb bank, buyers and traders can easily interact in conducting financial transactions and buying and selling, in addition to that bjb bank also promotes superior products such as Tandamata savings products, deposits including small business credit products and credit consumers, which can directly be enjoyed by the public including marketing program promos between merchants and bank bjb.

    "Furthermore, QRIS is also expected to be widely used by traders who have ambitions to accelerate their business by becoming a merchant partner of the bank bjb in order to get facilities and facilities for the adoption of this new transaction technology to develop wings of business outreach in the future," concluded Yuddy Renaldi on the sidelines of the event, jo

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