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    Acting Secretary: The Government Cannot Own Nature Preservation


    BANDUNG REGENCY- West Java Provincial Government cannot be alone in nature conservation, but requires the participation of all elements of society so that conservation efforts can be successful. This was revealed by West Java Acting Secretary Daud Ahmad in the closing of the 2019 Masigit Kareumbi Conservation Cadre School at the Buru Masigit Kareumbi Park Camp Base, Cicalengka, Bandung Regency, Sunday (11/15/2019)

    "Therefore, I really appreciate the activities of the conservation cadre school initiated by Wanadri because they gave birth to cadres who were ready to implement their knowledge in their respective regions," said Daud

    Daud gave an example that 150 conservation cadre school participants could each conserve 10 hectares, so there would be 1500 hectares of land that could be conserved.

    "You can imagine if the program continues to be sustainable, the existing critical lands can be saved," he said.

    According to Daud, with the cooperation between the government and environmental activists, the preservation of nature can be passed on to the lives of the next generation.

    "Collaboration must be realized well, the results of which are expected not only for the current generation but more important is for our children and grandchildren later" explained David.

    The Government of West Java Province has made various efforts in the conservation or saving of critical land including planting trees and memananyeat semanagat planting trees.

    "Some time ago we planted 17,150 trees in the North Bandung region in the National Tree Planting Movement. And starting in 2020 we will massively plan to start planting 25 million trees in all critical land in West Java," he explained.

    The Conservation Cadre School Activity was attended by 150 participants from West Java and 7 Provinces outside West Java. The Conservation Cadre School will last for 3 days from 13 to 15 December 2019. (Pun)

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