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    Atalia Ridwan Kamil Appointed Head of TP PKK Cirebon Regency


    CIREBON REGENCY - Chairperson of the Family Welfare Empowerment Team (PKK) of West Java Province (West Java) Atalia Ridwan Kamil officially installed Nunung Roosmini as Chairperson of the PKK TP, Chairperson of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda), Mother of Literacy, and Mother of PAUD Cirebon Regency of Cirebon 2019-2024 service period in Cirebon Regency Hall, Sunday (12/15/19).

    After the inauguration, Atalia said that the four positions carried by Nunung Roosmini were in harmony and harmony with the programs of the Regional Government (Pemda).

    For this reason, Atalia hopes that the Chairperson of the Cirebon District PKK TP can focus on carrying out their main duties and functions in organizing.

    "It is our hope that we can immediately fail because the PKK program is wide and numerous, the programs also reach the farthest layers and reach the homestead," Atalia said.

    "Therefore, hopefully we can collaborate. Partnerships can be strengthened, including partnerships with the government both provincial and central. And finally, hopefully they can be trusted in carrying out all their duties," he advised.

    In line with Atalia, Cirebon Regent Imron Rosyadi stated that the PKK was very instrumental in empowering families, according to the PKK's main goal which is to create a prosperous family that is able to create harmony, harmony, and balance.

    "If all families have been able to realize the order of life and their lives are also harmonious, it will certainly have implications for the realization of a prosperous society," Imron said.

    "Besides, it can also realize the people of Cirebon Regency who are cultured, prosperous, religious, advanced and safe," he concluded.

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