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    Pesantren Champion Holds Featured Products in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, opened the product title of a cooperative Islamic boarding school incorporated in One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) at Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Saturday (12/14/19).

    The activity is part of the award of the West Java Provincial Government to the boarding school cooperative that is able to present its superior products. Previously, the West Java Provincial Government provided training, internships, business assistance, business meetings, capital strengthening assistance, exhibitions - both at home and abroad.

    According to Uu, OPOP was initiated by the Regional Government of West Java Province to accelerate the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner. "Kang Emil (West Java Governor) is engaged in the economy (pesantren), but by not leaving the pesantren program first," Uu said.

    Uu stated, OPOP itself aims to present the economic independence of pesantren. He also invited other pesantren to be involved in OPOP.

    "From now on I ask pesantren (who have not yet participated in OPOP), for pesantren to be great in administration and prospects, because we (OPOP) are assessed by an independent team and work closely with universities," he said.

    The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) appreciates the efforts of the West Java Provincial Government which gives special attention to cooperatives and small businesses, especially in pesantren.

    Representing the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs RI, Secretary of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Rully Indrawan said, the economic empowerment movement of the people such as OPOP could be a pilot project for empowering SMEs at the national level.

    "I was also asked by the Minister (Cooperatives and UKM) to go to Tasikmalaya some time ago. And I report (to the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs), it seems that to build a West Java pesantren in 2020, it must be a pilot project, "said Rully.

    Rully also stated, the empowerment of the people's economy through cooperatives and SMEs became the attention of the Central Government. "Other facts show that we should not abandon the role of micro, small and medium businesses at this time," he said.

    "From the statistics that make the biggest contribution to GDP, it is not a big effort. Which business? Micro business. Overall, MSMEs contribute 60 percent (to GDP) and 97 percent of our workforce is absorbed in SMEs, "he added.

    Therefore, the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs and 10 other ministries / institutions work together to develop SMEs. "One of the strategies is to get together and cooperatives become part of the development of SMEs," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the West Java Province Cooperative and Small Business Office Kusmana Hartadji reported, there was a business meeting in the OPOP product title.

    "There is assistance for business strengthening to 1,074 pesantren phase 2 of Rp 20-30 million, then champion pesantren who pass the selection phase 2 are given additional capital strengthening assistance to 88 pesantren in the amount of Rp 100-200 million," Kusmana said.

    Kusmana added, in this year's product competition, 1,074 pesantren businesses in West Java had gathered, which would become a model for community empowerment. The 1,074 pesantren are the pesantren who won the results of the administration and audition process of the pesantren business.

    On this occasion, also given awards to the Board of Champions OPOP West Java 2019 Audition to 10 boarding schools. The recipients of the award received a prize of an additional capital of IDR 400 million.

    The following is a list of 10 Islamic Boarding Schools receiving awards:

    1. Ponaj Minhajul Karomah from Sumedang Regency, the business sector of confection / fashion;

    2. Riyadlul Ulum Waddawah Islamic Boarding School from Tasikmalaya City (plant-based food);

    3. Al Urwatul Wutsqo Islamic Boarding School from Indramayu Regency (drinks);

    4. Ponpes Mathlaul Ulum from Pangandaran Regency (fisheries);

    5. Al-Umanaa Modern Islamic Boarding School from Sukabumi Regency (animal-processed food);

    6. Ponpes Nurul Hidayah from Garut Regency (animal husbandry);

    7. Ponpes Raudhatul Irfan from Ciamis Regency (agriculture);

    8. Al Akhyar Islamic Boarding School from Cianjur Regency (handicraft);

    9. Al Muhajirin Islamic Boarding School from Purwakarta Regency (service); and

    10. Al Munawariyyah Islamic Boarding School from Sukabumi City (trading).

    Champion 2 at the district / city level Scale Up champion category:

    1. Winner of Nuurussiddhiiq Ponpes from Cirebon City (confection / fashion), Rp. 200 million;

    2. Champion II Ponpes Darul Ulum Lido from Bogor Regency (processed animal food), Rp 150 million;

    3. Champion III, Darul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School from Bandung (electronic), Rp. 100 million.

    Start Up category champion

    Ponpes Mukhtarul Ulum from Ciamis Regency (animal husbandry), Rp. 75 million.

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