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    Atalia Ridwan Kamil Awarded the Movement to Promote Fish Eating


    JAKARTA - Atalia Ridwan Kamil was awarded with the Movement to Promote Fish Eating (Gemarikan) in the Fish Eating Improvement Forum (Forikan) category from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP).

    The award was given directly by KKP Minister Edhy Prabowo at the Jakarta Convention Center, Saturday (12/14/19).

    Atalia received an award because of his role as Chairman of the Forikan in West Java Province, which was so prominent in the campaign to eat fish to young children.

    For this award, Atalia is increasingly motivated to campaign for the fish eating movement to the public, especially early childhood. According to him, children of this age (Paud) are the right target because fish have good nutrition and are beneficial for the growth of the child's body and brain.

    "So this is a form of extraordinary appreciation for us, and will certainly encourage us to move even more swiftly, forward again," he added.

    Atalia added, so far, West Java Provincial Government through related agencies and stakeholders are actively campaigning for Gemarikan to prevent stunting or conceding.

    "We have a Sarling (Mobile) program. With the Sarling program we say that eating fish is tasty and healthy. This good habit is what we hope for," Atalia explained.

    A day earlier at the same place, Atalia was also awarded the Himpaudi Award for dedication, synergy, and collaboration with the PAUD Educators Association (Himpaudi). The award was also given by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries at the Peak of the XIV Himpaudi Anniversary and the Appreciation of the Creativity of the Warrior Paud (AKPP) III 2019

    "As mothers of paudes, we carry out a joint program, which is the socialization of eating fish, including we provide direct socialization to the paudes. What we do is read story books including tasting from DKP," said Mother Paud of West Java.

    Atalia has also made a book called 'Mia and Fried Fish' which is often read every time he visits the paud. With this book, Atalia motivates children to eat fish. While for their parents, especially mothers are motivated to make fish as a mandatory menu at home.

    In addition to Atalia, there are also nine provinces receiving the Himpaudi Award, namely the Provinces of West Sumatra, Aceh, DKI Jakarta, Banten, Bengkulu, South Kalimantan, Jambi, Papua and the Riau Islands. For the district level there are seven, and the level of the village or village as many as eight villages.

    Head of Fisheries and Maritime Services of West Java Province, Jafar Ismail, said that the award is proof that the hard work that has been produced so far has been appreciated by the central government.

    "We are with the Chairperson of Forikan, Mrs. Atalia wants to continue to introduce children to various kinds of processed fish early on so that they can get used to eating fish. As we know that developed countries are countries that have very high fish consumption such as Japan and Korea. So in addition to preventing stunting is also to educate, "said Jafar.

    "We also foster UKM-UKM to produce various types of processed fish that are current to attract and be liked by children," he added.

    Director General of PDSPKP (Strengthening Competitiveness of Maritime Fisheries Products), Agus Suherman, said this event was one of the efforts to socialize the community about the importance of eating fish because fish is healthy.

    According to him, the Himpaudi Award event was also deliberately synergized on a series of 2019 National Fish Day Commemoration (Harkannas) because Himpaudi had a stunting prevention program, which was the same as the Gemarikan.

    "In accordance with the theme of the event the day of Fish Consumption Increases the Nation's Competitiveness, therefore we from the KKP never recede to invite people to continue eating fish," Agus said.

    "There is a synergy and MoU between the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries with Himpaudi, the Gemarikan program can be applied to every region in Indonesia," he added.

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