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    Avoiding Three Teen Problems by Becoming a Planning Generation


    BANDUNG CITY - Based on data from the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) of West Java Province (West Java), Mother of GenRe (Planning Generation) of West Java Province Atalia Ridwan Kamil said there are three problems that are often faced by the Zilenial Generation (people born in the 1995 to the range of 1995 to 2010) namely free sex, early marriage, and drug abuse (narcotics, alcohol, psychotropic substances, and other addictive substances).

    For this reason, Atalia advised that adolescents always be careful in associating and avoiding unhealthy sexual behavior. It is intended that teenagers can live healthy, planned, and have good preparation for the future. The reason is, anyone who has free sex is vulnerable to contracting HIV / AIDS.

    "For the current generation of zilenial, I am actually worried about the data that I have obtained that a lot of cases have been started since adolescence. This is not only related to drugs, free sex, or early marriage but furthermore, namely HIV / AIDS , "Atalia said after being a guest speaker in the discussion 'Zilennial and Adolescent Reproductive Health' at Cihampelas Walk, Bandung City, Thursday (12/12/19).

    "Therefore, I hope that activities (discussions) like this are carried out in an open space so that a lot of people come and listen," he added.

    Then, Atalia advised adolescents to be able to choose a good social environment. Not to forget, Atalia provides tips so that teens avoid negative things, one of which is to concern themselves through positive and beneficial activities.

    "The message for teens is to always be in a positive environment. Stay positive everywhere and be busy. Because usually children who are busy they do not have time to do negative things," said Atalia.

    "So they get together and do positive hobbies. Including not having too much time to be dazed or just being alone together so it's important that they continue to develop their hobbies and talents," he said.

    In line with Atalia, Elma Triyulianti, Head of the ADPIN Representative Office of the West Java Provincial BKKBN Representative, said that currently teenagers must be aware of the big problems faced in their age phase.

    With that, he is confident that all adolescents will have a strong commitment not to become victims of the KRR Triad (Adolescent Reproductive Health) to keep teenagers away from free sex and get married at a very young age.

    "The KRR triad is the three risks faced by adolescents, especially related to adolescent reproductive health, including the importance for teens to avoid early marriage, avoid sex before marriage, and avoid drugs," Elma said.

    "So indeed this GenRe Program can be one solution for adolescents in preparing their lives before deciding to get married, including delaying the age of marriage so that adolescents can improve their quality and productivity through the highest education possible and also other life skills, mental readiness to adolescent reproductive health" he concluded.

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