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    Design Competition for the Capital City Four Criteria for the National Capital According to Ridwan Kamil


    JAKARTA - Judging contest for the design ideas of the new Indonesian capital entered the first stage. A total of 257 design proposals have been assessed by 13 judges, one of whom is West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, at the Grand Sahid Hotel in Jakarta, Thursday (12/12/19).

    Met after the judging, West Java Governor who is an architect has been asked by the committee to assess professionally and scientifically the design of the new Indonesian capital.

    "I was one of the 13 judges who were asked to provide professional, scientific and coincidental assessments. I am an architect of the city planner who used to understand the technical things that must be owned by the best city design," he said.

    Of the 257 designs that were selected, the top five were selected in this first stage. The architects who entered the top five will again explain their designs on December 19, 2019.

    "From there, then the top three were selected to present to the President. So the President himself will choose between the three, which is roughly the spirit and vision of the mission is suitable," said Emil.

    In this first stage of judging, Emil and 12 other judges gave an evaluation where each design proposal must have sustainability values, there are state and cultural symbols and smart cities.

    "This is the capital of the country, so all values ??must be present," Emil said.

    Besides Emil, other judges included Iman S Ernawi, Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono, Prof. Wiendu Nuryati, and Nyoman Nuarta. The judges will select the best designs for the new national capital which will be announced on 23 December.

    Emil and the other judges had difficulty assessing the 257 designs because everything was good. However, because he is believed to be a jury is an important task of the state, Emil is determined to carry it out well, in between his duties as Governor of West Java.

    "It is very tiring because 257 participants multiplied by four sheets, per sheet of information a lot. But this is the duty of the state to be carried out properly," he said.

    Emil himself has special criteria that are different from other judges. The first thing that should be in the design of the capital city is that the geometric shape must be good.

    "If the criteria from me there are four values ??that must be there. First, the geometric shape must be good whether italic, straight or curved," Emil said.

    Secondly, he continued, it must be monumental, like there is a large square and the main road for the parade. Then the third must be contextual, because this new capital city has tropical temperatures, many rivers and hills.

    "The four systems must be running, meaning that the city must be workable, the people can walk, the city is not hot, the distance is close together. That's the criteria that I set, but each jury is different, there is a background of academics, landscapes, engineering engineers, if I combine as a Governor who understands state and city governance, "concluded Emil.

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