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    West Java Provincial Government Implanted Antiradikalism to Students


    PURWAKARTA REGENCY - The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province through the West Java Provincial Education Office Branch routinely holds anti-radicalism workshops in various regions. The workshop aims to prevent the entry of radicalism into SMA / SMK / SLB in West Java.

    On Thursday (12/12/19), West Java Province Region IV Disdik Branch (Purwakarta, Subang, and Karawang) held an anti-radicalism workshop at Bale Sawala Yudistira, Regional Government Complex. Purwakarta.

    In his direction, Uu said that education was the main indicator of development. He also stated, the younger generation, especially West Java students, must study worldly science and ukhrawi simultaneously.

    "The knowledge of the hereafter or ukhrawi is fardhu‘ain, meaning that every believer or Muslim is obliged to know what is the role of the science of worship," Uu said.

    "Learning world science is for the benefit of the people, not for the harm of the people. Studying religious knowledge is nothing else to get the pleasure of Allah SWT. Therefore, there should be no thought 'I learn ukhrawi, I am the most right, the others are wrong'. This is what causes a person to understand piecemeal religion, so that he has an understanding that eventually feels himself right and the other is wrong. "

    "For this reason, study religious knowledge must not be piecemeal but must be completed to the end, so that no wrong understanding occurs," he added.

    According to Uu, Pancasila was born as the basis of the state based on the results of the agreement. "Whose agreement? Religious people. Because Pancasila was born as the basis of the agreement, do not be disturbed again, "he said.

    "These are all the best gifts our parents have for us, the best gifts to unite the nation's children. Then don't be contested again. Let's talk about the rise of education, or something else, "he added.

    On the same occasion, Uu invited all elements of the nation to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation. If that is not done, he said, ignorance will flourish in the midst of society.

    "And the activity (anti-radicalism workshop) this time is an effort to unite the nation, especially the people of West Java from things that are not expected," he said.

    "Let's improve our sense of nationalism as an Indonesian nation, we increase our sense of unity and unity as a nation," he added.

    Meanwhile, Purwakarta Regent Anne Ratna Mustika said, radicalism was the root of the emergence of acts of terrorism. That can threaten the unity and integrity of the nation.

    Furthermore, Anne said that education had an important role in preventing radicalism. According to him, there are several dimensions of learning that must become a bulwark for the entry of radicalism into the school environment.

    First, the classroom dimension with various approaches and learning models by integrating anti-radicalism understanding, and the impacts and dangers.

    "Second, the dimensions of the school environment are also an inseparable part in building the anti-radicalism movement. Schools must make a model as an effort to prevent radicalism, "he said.

    That, said Anne, can be done through habituating actions that contain values ??of tolerance and togetherness in the school environment. Meanwhile, the third dimension is family and society which must always co-exist in preventing the development of radicalism in the community.

    This workshop was attended by 500 participants consisting of public and private high school / vocational / public high school principals, school supervisors, Islamic Religious Education teachers, student representatives, and Osis forum officials and officials.

    Before going to Purwakarta, Uu also attended an anti-radicalism workshop for the scope of the Disdik Branch of West Java Province Region II (Bogor City and Depok City) at SMA Negeri 7 Bogor, Bogor City.

    The workshop was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Bogor Dedie A Rachim, and hundreds of participants consisting of students, principals of high school / vocational / high school, school supervisors, as well as education stakeholders in the City of Bogor and Depok City.

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