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    West Java Governor Attends the Release of Prime Export of Isuzu Traga


    KARAWANG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil attended the release of the inaugural export of Isuzu Traga at Isuzu Karawang Plant, Kab. Karawang, Thursday (12/12/19). The release was inaugurated directly by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

    On the same occasion, Joko Widodo is targeting Indonesia's vehicle exports to reach 1 million units in 2024. According to the President, the opportunity to realize the target is wide open. Moreover, this year, Indonesia is able to export 300 thousand units of vehicles.

    "Indonesia's automotive exports are currently recorded at 300 thousand units, I ask all major automotive families, by 2024, at least 1 million units must leave Indonesia," said Joko Widodo.

    "Don't imagine that you can't, we are always pessimistic about dealing with numbers, but once realized, we can," he added.

    Joko Widodo also said that if the vehicle export target in 2024 was realized, Indonesia's trade balance in the next five years would improve. In addition, according to the President, Indonesia can become an automotive production hub.

    "The trade balance deficit can be overcome in the next 5 years. So that in the future our country can become an automotive production hub for export to all countries. That is the target we want to achieve and I see that the opportunity is wide open," he said.

    "Again I want to emphasize that the focus of the government's work now is to reduce imports and increase exports, that's the reason why I want to come here," he added.

    In the initial stage, 120 units of Isuzu Traga were exported to the Philippines. Targeted next year, the multifunctional pickup truck will enter 20 countries, such as Africa and East Asia.

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