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    Cultural Examination, Preservation of Three Cultural Strengths in West Java


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY- West Java Province (West Java) has three cultural forces, namely Betawian, Sunda Priangan, and Cirebonan. The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province is committed to continue to preserve the three unique cultural arts that are unique to the three cultural zones so that they will not fade with time.

    According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, culture can show the identity of who we are. Emil - the governor's familiar greeting, said that West Java must have characteristics, must not be similar or even different from other regions or regions.

    "We want to be different because culture is who we are. "The way we speak, the way we speak, the way we dress, the way we respect nature, humans, and God is our identity," Emil said in his remarks at the West Java Cultural Examination this time which was held in Juntikebon Village, Juntinyuat District, Indramayu Regency, Wednesday (11/12/19).

    "That is why we are making a Cultural Examination program," he added.

    Previously the West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) took a tour to invite all elements of the community to hold a variety of artistic and cultural creativity of their respective regions, such as in Ciamis, Subang, and Sukabumi.

    Indramayu became the last area this year to display a variety of artistic and cultural charms typical of Panturaan. "We are excited that these three cultures must not be lost and must be sustainable, because culture is the identity of who we are," said Emil.

    "We do not want to reduce the development of West Java only in terms of building roads, bridges, and so on. But it also builds the mind, religion, we strengthen our culture, "he continued.

    Emil added that the commitment of the West Java Provincial Government will be strengthened by the use of the Gedung Sate backyard starting next year. The location will be used for various activities and cultural arts performances from 27 districts / cities in West Java.

    "Next year, because the backyard of Gedung Sate is being renovated, we will make a place for cultural performances from 27 regions. "We will invite every two weeks to hold a culture in the center of West Java, Gedung Sate," he explained.

    Plt. The Regent of Indramayu Taufik Hidayat who was present on this occasion welcomed and fully supported the Cultural Examination activities initiated by the Regional Government of West Java Province. Cultural Examination, said Taufik, became one of the efforts to foster public love for art and culture.

    "Obviously with today's activity (Cultural Check) will foster cultural and artistic preservation in Indramayu Regency and of course in West Java," he said.

    "The art degree held today is an effort to foster the value of cultural and artistic love in the hearts of the people. Therefore, we ask that activities like this can often be done in Indramayu Regency, "Taufik said.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Disparbud Dedi Taufik revealed, the Cultural Check could be a force for the development of the tourism industry in the three cultural zones in West Java to become a tourist destination. In fact, said Dedi, in the future there is a desire from the governor to hold a Cultural Examination in each district.

    "This Cultural Check is a force for tourism, so if we do going forward in every district / city - even the Governor (Ridwan Kamil) wants to be in every district, this will lift tourism destinations," explained Dedi.

    "In West Java there are 600 more sub-districts, basically they have to graduate until 2023 (the term of office of the Governor of West Java). Every sub-district will have performances like this (Cultural Check). Mr. Governor hopes like that, "he added.

    "These three forces (culture) must be preserved and developed," said Dedi.

    At the Cultural Check this time a variety of activities were held, such as exhibitions and shows. Such as workshops and collaboration between Wayang Cepak and Wayang Potel by dalang KH. Ibrohim Nawawi and Dalang Sepuh Ki Ahmadi, Power Dance, a collaboration of 20 Indramayu artists, Kesuwun Ekstrakulikuler dance performances, as well as various other shows and shows.

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