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    Netty: Woman Should Healthy And Smart To Be Primary Educators


    CIMAHI-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan attends to Kartini Day 2016 in conjunction with the delivery service of Cervical Cancer by Iva Test for Women at PT. Trisulatex Textile Industries, on Thursday (21/04/16).

    Netty wants this momentum of Kartini Day will bring the women quality to life better. Then it can be interpreted as a substantive that women not only as a complement to the male but is a determinant of life and the subject of development.

    It should be special attention from a health standpoint. This IVA test can be detected early Cervical Cancer that affects many women as number 1 killers.

    "Therefore, today all the elements of West Java Provincial Government and the City Government of Cimahi conducting IVA Test or examination of women's reproductive health for the employee of PT. Trident Textile Industries,“ Netty said.

    When women are healthy and smart, it will be a pillar of strength of the nation to educate children. Netty said as excerpts of Kartini’s words mentioned "We are here pleading sought instruction and education of girls, not at all times as we want the girls became a male rival in the fight of his life, but because we believe the great influence for all women, so that women are more capable to perform its obligations, liabilities submitted to be a mother, first human educator”.

    “We expect it can be an example for other companies and community groups that reproductive health becomes an important thing we are encouraged that women become more healthy,” Netty added.

    Cimahi Mayor Atty Suharti said that this activity is a form of collective commitment to maintain the health of women in sustainable development. As well as a solution to reduce the risk of cancer in West Java for prevention and rehabilitation.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Provincial Health Department, Alma Lucyati said that the theme of this activity is “We Improve Health Status of Women to Achieve Community of West Java Productive and Independent”. This great momentum to be interpreted as an attempt of dissemination of information, can eventually reduce the violence on women and children and eliminating social inequality in society.

    Besides Cimahi, the launching of the National Program of IVA Test was conducted by teleconference in three other districts. Among other are Subang Regency in PT. Hansoll Hyun as many as 100 people. Sukabumi district in PT. Winning Citra Perkasa as many as 150 people and Cirebon in Social Rehabilitation Centre for Women Work Social Service of West Java Province many as 100 people.

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