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    Ridwan Kamil: Villages in West Java Must Be Upgraded


    MAJALENGKA REGENCY - West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil said, villages in West Java were upgraded so that in the last 12 months, there have not been any villages in West Java with a very underdeveloped status.

    "The villages have to move up a class, there is no longer any in West Java, the village is very underdeveloped. Last year (2018) there was still, thank God this past 12 months there were no more villages with very underdeveloped status, "Ridwan Kamil said in the inauguration and oath swearing ceremony of 141 Village Heads (Kades) Majalengka District Selected for 2019-2025 Period, in Pendopo Gedung Negara, Kab. Majalengka, Wednesday (11/12/19).

    In addition, the governor, who is often called Emil, also said other category villages had to move up the class so that in the end West Java had more and more independent villages.

    "Next we have to improve from underdeveloped villages to developing villages, from developing villages in the 70s to 90s (villages) for 12 months they have been upgraded to advanced villages, have also developed from developed villages to become independent villages," Emil said.

    As for 2019, there are 98 villages with independent status in West Java. The number increased from the previous year which only amounted to 37 villages. In addition, there are 732 villages that have moved up from advanced to advanced status.

    This data, said Emil, should be a trigger for the enthusiasm of the village heads who were appointed to improve the development and welfare of residents in his village.

    Emil also invited village heads to work together on various programs initiated by the West Java Provincial Government (Pemda), including Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDesa) through the One Village One Company (OVOC) program, Digital Village, and programs in other villages.

    Meanwhile, based on data from the West Java Province Community and Village Empowerment Agency (DPM-Desa), there are 596 active BUMDs, 272 BUMDs have just been formed, and a target of 746 BUMDs will be formed in 2019. Emil said, 5,312 villages in West Java will have to have a company .

    "Present one village, one company, present a digital village center, develop a tourist village, do transparency in village funds and others, make the villagers happy," Emil ordered.

    To the elected village heads, Emil said that the leader must be mandated with the intention of worship, not making a living. "Use power as a tool and media to make changes," he said.

    "Our glory is not from position but from our usefulness. The community must benefit from the presence of the father / mother as the village head, "added Emil.

    The inauguration of 141 village heads is based on Majalengka Regent Decree Number: 141 / Kep.875-Tapem / 2019 concerning Ratification and Appointment of Village Head Results of the Election of Village Head in the Serentak Village in Majalengka Regency, which was determined in Majalengka, 10 December 2019.

    In his direction, Majalengka Regent Karna Sobahi asked the appointed village heads to work immediately. Because they want the village heads to immediately map out all the strategic potential in their village.

    "My message, immediately works well. Dawn 2020 will soon be opened to build the Majalengka Raharja, "said Karna.

    "Map the potential of the village apparatus, at least now having the concepts of mapping the strategic environment in your village, immediately get a friendly meeting with your partners. You have to be his father / mother, your people. The programs implemented in Majalengka are well captured, "he continued.

    In the same event, the West Java Provincial Government also handed over seven units of the Champion Village Aspiration Car (Mascara) complete with a set of sound system tools, a projector screen, two chairs, and a generator set. Seven of these cars were given as a form of appreciation for the governors of the seven villages that have been upgraded to become independent villages.

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