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    West Java CPNS Must Have a Champion and Inner Champion Vision


    BANDUNG CITY- Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) of West Java (West Java) gave a speech to the CPNS of West Java Province and CPNS of regencies / cities in West Java in 2019 during the Governor Lecture activities at the Sartika Convention Hall, Bandung City, Wednesday (11/12/19) .

    "We need to strengthen again, the provincial CPNS and district / city CPNS that we (West Java) have ideals of realizing West Java that are Champion Born and Inner," said Uu.

    To make it happen, Uu ordered that CPNS throughout West Java must be skilled, technologically, and also prioritize integrity with good character. Uu also invited the ASN candidates to increase their sense of togetherness and unity.

    "No matter how great the vision and mission of the leader, without the assistance of ASN and the bureaucrats, the ideals of the Champion Born and the Inner Will not succeed," Uu said.

    "We also prioritize collaboration and innovation in the 4.0 era," he added.

    In addition, to balance the spirit of 'Ngabret' West Java, the CPNS must always try to carry out the main tasks and functions (tupoksi) as well as possible. The reason, according to Uu ASN is the trust of leaders and the spearhead of the programs initiated by the government.

    "Let's unite the steps, unite the vision with the leader, realize Jabar Champion and Born Inner," he said.

    The West Java Regional Government (Pemda) is running Bureaucracy 3.0, which is a dynamic government. To that end, the West Java Provincial Government collaboratively implemented a Pentahelix collaboration pattern involving ABGCM elements namely academy, business, government, community, and media.

    "Increase expertise, work in discipline, and we must work together with all parties," Uu added.

    "I hope CPNS who want to become ASN can increase nationalism, and nationality, patriotism," he added.

    In addition, Uu also appealed to CPNS to be careful to avoid invitations to deviant notions, such as the understanding of radicalism which has the potential to divide the nation.

    Therefore, the four pillars of the state must be present in the CPNS, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, NKRI and Unity in Diversity. "We must be guardians of the pillars of the country, must be unifying and give understanding to the people," he concluded.

    Head of the West Java Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD) Yerry Yanuar meanwhile said, the activities of the Governor Lecture was a preparatory step towards the steps of the ASN Champion Born Inner.

    Yerry hopes that the ASN in the future can work professionally to realize the ideals of Indonesia Gold 2045 alias 100 years after independence.

    "This is seeding superior seeds, CPNS here mostly at millennial age, so they are expected to be the successor to relay the progress of the nation," said Yerry.

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