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    West Java Provincial Government Signs 10 Cooperation Agreement with North Maluku


    SOFIFI - The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) and the Provincial Government of North Makulu (Malut) signed 10 Cooperation Agreements (PKS) in various fields, from cooperative empowerment to forestry development.

    The signing of the PKS was carried out by each regional apparatus in the North Maluku Governor's Office, Jl. Trans Halmahera, Gosale Puncak, Oba Utara, Sofifi, Oba Utara, Kota Tidore Kepulauan, Malut Province, Thursday (12/12/19).

    In his remarks, Assistant III for Administration, Salmin Janidi, who was present representing the Governor of North Maluku, Abdul Gani Kasuba, first conveyed an apology from the governor who was absent for health reasons.

    Salmin said that the signing of the 10 cooperation events this time was a follow up to the meeting of North Sumatra Governor Abdul Gani Kasuba and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil at Gedung Sate in Bandung on July 9 last.

    "At the meeting (July), there were only two cooperation talks. This time there were 10 DPOs cooperating again. The aim was to synchronize the agreements between the two regions," said Salmin reading the governor's remarks.

    "Hopefully we can work together to achieve goals and evaluate regularly so that the community can benefit from this cooperation," he said.

    Salmin added that Sofifi's development challenges - the city of North Maluku - is related to Human Resources (HR), infrastructure, economic performance, collaboration, and development governance.

    For this reason, Salmin continued, imitating the governor, Sofifi's development requires input, including from West Java. "Sofifi entered the RPJMN 2020-2024 project, so it needs a lot of input," he said.

    While the Regional Inspector of West Java Province Ferry Sofwan Arif as chairman of the group said that the collaboration with the North Sumatra Provincial Government was one of the forms of collaboration implementation.

    "That is in line with the vision of West Java Champion Born and Inner through innovation and collaboration to improve the development of the two regions. It is hoped that (cooperation) can be immediately implemented and can be signed in the next stage," Ferry said.

    "And hopefully this will make the concept of regional cooperation in Indonesia so that it supports the success of national development and equitable development," he added.

    The 10 PKS between the Regional Government of West Java and North Sumatra Provinces include: (1) Increasing the capability of the government internal supervisory apparatus and the maturity of the government internal control system (Regional Inspectorate); (2) Increasing the capacity of the management of regional tax and retribution revenues (Bapenda); (3) Empowerment of cooperatives and small businesses (Department of Cooperatives and Small Business).

    Then, (4) Improvement of the implementation of information systems for small and medium industries, development of industrial zones, industrial centers and trade missions (Department of Industry and Trade); (5) Research, development and strengthening of regional innovations to accelerate regional development priorities (Regional Research and Development Agency).

    Next, (6) Development of communication and information technology (Communication and Information Office); (7) Improving the quality and management of health services (Dinas Kesehatan); (8) Cooperation in forestry development (Forest Service).

    Also, (9) Increasing the capacity and competence of Human Resources (HR) in the field of transportation (Transportation Agency); and (10) improving the quality of high school / vocational / special education education and special services, teachers and education personnel.

    According to the Head of the Government Bureau and Cooperation of the West Java Provincial Secretariat Dani Ramdan, the signing of the cooperation agreement between West Java and North Maluku is expected to complement each other and be input in the progress of development.

    "Including the exchange of natural resources and trade potential. That way West Java and North Sumatra can move forward together. In this way the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner through collaboration and innovation is realized," said Dani.

    Also present as representatives of the regional apparatus of West Java Province in the signing ceremony of the PKS this time included the Head of the Regional Revenue Agency Hening Widiatmoko, Head of the Office of Communication and Information Setiaji, Head of the Forestry Service Epi Kustiawan, and Head of the Health Service Dr. Berli Hamdani Gelung Sakti.

    Previously, a joint agreement (MOU) was signed in the field of fisheries and marine affairs between the West Java and North Sumatra Provincial Governments on July 9, 2019. In addition, cooperation has also been carried out with the Investment and One Stop Integrated Services Office related to the replication of the Sympathetic application.

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