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    To Increase Capital Market Literacy, SBM ITB Hosts NCMC 2019


    BANDUNG - Based on data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), shows that in general the investment literacy trend is increasing. However, capital market literacy must be recognized, still far behind when compared to investment literacy in other fields.

    Related to this, as one of the efforts to increase capital market literacy, especially among students, December 12-13 2019 MBA - ITB held the National Capital Market Championship (NCMC) 2019.

    "NCMC is a competition in the field of capital market with student participants from all tertiary institutions in Indonesia," said MBA Director of ITB, Subiakto Sukarno. Thursday (12/12/2019)

    According to him, this competition has been running since 2013 with the hosts alternating between universities. Initially known as
    National Capital Market Competition (KNPM), now an NCMC. The goal, said Subiakto, is to increase capital market literacy and increase participation in the Indonesian capital market.

    "This NCMC 2019, starting in April 2019 runs from their respective tertiary institutions and ends with a final period at SBM ITB on December 12-13, 2019" he said.

    In this 2019 NCMC, he explained, it was attended by as many as 505 participants from 48 universities throughout Indonesia. The competition categories are divided into three namely Beauty Contest (paper writing), Online Theory (online capital market theory test) and Online Trading (capital market capital market trading competition).

    "Of the 505 participants, 100 finalists from 24 tertiary institutions were included in the final including SBM ITB participants at both S1 and MBA levels," he said.

    Subiakto added, in addition to the Final competition event, a national seminar would also be held with the theme "investment strategies in dealing with industry 4.0 and the pressures of global economic turmoil". The speakers in this seminar were Phillips Sekuritas, the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Prospective Stock Exchange Issuers, and Academics (SBM ITB).

    "I hope that the output from NCMC can increase capital market literacy not only among students but also society at large," he concluded. (Even)

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