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    West Java Governor Opens West Java Cultural Examination Activities 2019 in Indramayu


    BANDUNG - Located in Juntikebon Village, Juntinyuat District, Indramayu Regency, the cultural agenda titled West Java Cultural Check 2019 took place. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil opened the event on Wednesday (11/12).

    In his remarks Emil, the governor's familiar greeting, said that in the past 12 months he had continued to strive to awaken the spirit of culture and religion in West Java. One of them is by increasing cultural performances in various regions.

    "Now the West Java Cultural Examination is held in Indramayu, the aim is to awaken regional culture, unique culture," he stressed.

    He emphasized that he would build cultural centers in every district and city including later in Indramayu. "This year it has been built in Subang and Garut. God willing, next year it will be built in Indramayu," he said.

    He emphasized that an investment of Rp100 trillion would enter Indramayu starting next year, and the Indramayu community would be prioritized to become workers. However, he advised the local government to increase the capacity and capacity of residents to be ready to work for the investing company.

    He also stressed that in 2020 pilgrim flights would use Kertajati Airport, and Embarkation would be built in Indramayu.

    "I have made it clear to the minister of religion that I have been involved in hammering, that the hajj has been determined through Kertajati. So Embarkation is prepared, its location in Indramayu," Emil said. Jo

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