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    Indonesia Regional Representative Council Will Check Illegal Mining in Garut


    BANDUNG - Public Accountability Board of the Republic of Indonesia Regional Representative Council (BAP DPD RI) received complaints from residents regarding the existence of 12 unlicensed mining companies in the village of Leles, Garut Regency, West Java.

    Deputy Chairman of BAP DPD RI, Angelo Wakekako, said that the presence of the mining company was feared to cause floods and landslides. Upon the complaint, he immediately met with the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources of West Java Province.

    "Today we are grateful to be able to meet with the ESDM Office of West Java, the Office of the Environment and the community including the company so that there has been an agreement from various parties," he explained to reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (10/12).

    Angelo asserted that the DPD RI will dive directly to the location. Because, based on reports from citizens
    many mining companies operate in the region.

    "So that it is found out which companies are actually operating and are officially in Leles. If a disaster occurs. We cannot hold only one company accountable. Because, many companies operate there," he explained

    In fact, there are also companies whose licenses have expired but are still operating at the location. "Take care of the permit first, the process in the field stops first," he said

    Angelo also appreciated the good faith of the Head of the ESDM Department of West Java, Bambang Tirtoyuliono, who had promised to suspend the company whose license had ended.

    "We will see the commitment measure in one or two days. I hope all parties can guard this as well," he added

    He hoped the commitment of the Head of ESDM and the Regional Government of West Java Province to temporarily stop the company's operations.

    "We give a deadline until December 20, 2019. Then, the day after tomorrow will be suspended temporarily," he said

    He asserted that any form of development carried out in Leles, Garut Regency must provide benefits to the community, in the event of an unwanted event the person in charge of the company must be clear. He said companies that have clear responsibilities would survive. Jo

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