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    Commemoration of World Human Rights Day 2019 in West Java: Human Rights Draft 2020-2024 Will Focus on Vulnerable Groups


    BANDUNG CITY - Human Rights (HAM) is a universal value and has been contained in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, both in the opening of the 1945 Constitution and in its trunk, and confirmed in the Amendment to the 1945 Constitution.

    Commemorating World Human Rights Day on December 10 for this year, West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil said that the enforcement of human rights is not only the constitutional mandate, but needs to be upheld so that humanitarian values become the basis of relations between the government and the people.

    Therefore, the government must guarantee political and economic, social and cultural (economic and social) rights and be able to provide education, health services and also guarantee the protection of freedom of religion and belief.

    The government must also fulfill the right to education and health for the whole community, fulfill basic rights for marginalized groups and people with disabilities, as well as minority groups.

    Emil admitted - greeting Ridwan Kamil, human rights in the country are still facing various problems. However, the central and regional governments continue to work together to solve human rights problems.

    "I hope that all levels of government both at central and regional levels accelerate efforts to resolve these human rights issues properly," Emil said in his remarks at the 71st Anniversary of World Human Rights Day 2019 in Merdeka Building, Bandung City, Tuesday (10 / 12/19).

    In West Java itself, continued Emil, the issue of human rights became one of the special concerns for the West Java Provincial Government. He continued to disseminate and develop Legal Awareness (Darkum) for villages / villages in 27 districts / cities throughout West Java.

    Even now, West Java already has 2,770 Sadar Hukum villages / villages - the highest number in Indonesia. The Legal Conscious Declaration in West Java has also reached the level of educational institutions equivalent to high school, vocational, and MA.

    "I hope through the Law Awareness Student Forum (FPSH) and Human Rights, students will be able to become an arm of the government to spread awareness to all levels of society," Emil said.

    "Hopefully the 71st anniversary of 2019 will be a momentum for all Indonesian people to have an awareness of human rights," concluded Emil.

    The Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Republic of Indonesia Mahfud MD meanwhile said, human rights enforcement is not merely a matter of law enforcement.

    Moreover, since the reform era there have been many advances in the development of human rights protection in Indonesia. Political rights such as strengthening democracy, freedom of the press, independence of political parties, strengthening of the DPR, and expanding the power of civil society can be appointed as evidence of how Indonesia is progressing on human rights.

    "Before the reform, the enforcement of human rights was very hegemonic, but now it is free," said Mahfud MD.

    "For the ecosob issue, there has been a lot done by the government through economic development programs, poverty reduction, educational equality, affirmation policies, social assistance, and so on," he added.

    Mahfud MD also asked the public to resolve human rights issues through available legal instruments. "We have to be a knight to solve it based on an agreement that must be outlined in law," he said.

    According to the Minister of Law and Human Rights (Menkumham) Yasonna H. Laoly, in mid-2019 the Ministry of Law and Human Rights together with the Joint Secretariat (Setber) of the National Action Plan on Human Rights (Ranham) had drafted Ranham 2020-2024 or Ranham fifth generation.

    In the future, Ranham will focus on solving human rights issues from vulnerable groups, namely women, children, people with disabilities and customary law communities. In addition, Kemenkumham also encourages the application of human rights-based public services.

    In the 71st Anniversary of the 71st World Human Rights Day 2019 at the Merdeka Building, Kemenkumham also gave awards to regional governments that were considered to care about human rights.

    "Our gratitude also goes to all stakeholders, both from the elements of government, institutions, civil society, and society in general, who have worked together throughout 2019 to make Indonesia a good host for respect, protection, as well as fulfillment and enforcement HAM, "said Yasonna.

    The following is the Provincial Government of Regental / Municipal Care Concerns on Human Rights who received awards from the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights:
    - Governor of West Java
    - Governor of Bangka Belitung
    - Governor of DKI Jakarta
    - Governor of Riau Islands
    - Governor of Yogyakarta
    - Governor of West Sumatra
    - Governor of North Sumatra
    - Governor of Riau
    - Governor of Jambi
    - Governor of South Sumatra
    - Governor of Bengkulu
    - Governor of Central Java
    - Governor of East Java
    - Governor of Banten
    - Governor of Bali
    - Governor of Middle Kalimantan
    - Governor of South Kalimantan
    - Governor of East Kalimantan
    - Governor of Southeast Sulawesi
    - Governor of West Sulawesi
    - Governor of North Sulawesi
    - Governor of South Sulawesi.

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