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    Facing New Year adn Christmas, PT KAI Beware of Disaster Prone Points


    BANDUNG - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) stipulates that the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) Transport Period 2019/2020, will last for 18 days, starting December 19, 2019 until January 5, 2020.

    KAI Managing Director Edi Sukmoro said, for this year the Nataru transportation coincided with the arrival of the rainy season and the frequency of train travels was increasing, therefore his party identified vulnerable points that had to be extra guarded.

    "There are 351 vulnerable points throughout Java and Sumatra that need extra attention, i.e. 99 points are prone to flooding, 157 points are prone to landslides, 85 points are subsiding, and 10 are theft points, "Eddy said, told reporters at Bandung Station, Tuesday (10/12).

    Edi said that his party would alert 477 extra lane inspector officers, 908 extra lane guard officers, 355 extra-prone area command officers, and 11,191 security personnel working closely with the TNI-Polri.

    "We also provide tools and materials that are placed scattered in 192 points, this is aimed if in an emergency, repairs can be done immediately," he said.

    KAI predicts there will be an increase in train passenger volume to 5.9 million passengers, up 4% compared to 2018, which is 5.6 million passengers. To accommodate the surge in passengers, KAI will run 374 Regular Trains and 30 Nataru Trains or a total of 404 Train Travels, up 2% compared to 2018 of 394 Trains.

    "Through careful preparation, we hope that the train transportation mode during the Nataru Transport period can run safely, smoothly, and in control," he stressed. (Parno)

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