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    BNPT Prevents Millennial Radicalism Through the Cyber World


    BANDUNG - The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) has provided many programs to ward off radicalism and terrorism, to all components of society including the use of social media in millennials.

    Head of Sub Directorate of Propaganda Counter Prevention Directorate of BNPT Deputy 1 Colonel Pas Sujatmiko said millennials including students need to participate in preventing radicalism, because at this time the understanding easily spreads in the midst of society even the level of presentation is more than 10% of the tendency of radicalism in Indonesia.

    "We invite students to better know the pattern of radicalism that leads to acts of terrorism, so that students recognize from the beginning before the incident, when the incident and after the incident," Sujatmiko told reporters during a radicalism discussion held by Widyatama University together with the Indonesian Television Journalists Association (IJTI) of West Java on the Widyatama Campus, Bandung City.

    Sujatmiko explained that in anticipation of the understanding of radicalism, BNPT has formed a Cyber ??Ambassador of Peace from millennial groups spread across 13 provinces. Not only in Indonesia, this Mayan World Ambassador will also be in 9 ASEAN countries.

    "Alhamdulillah, West Java has been formed. Its task is to carry out activities related to millennial and other information such as social media," he said

    Meanwhile, Rector Widyatama Prof. Obsatar Sinaga added that his party would develop millennial ways in counteracting radicalism. He also welcomed what the government has done by involving the community in matters of preventing radicalism and terrorism.

    "We know very well that handling this is not easy but we also cannot rely solely on the Government. Kuta has to be against any radical movement," he stressed.

    Obi-greeting Rector Widyatama Obsatae Sinaga said that in order to anticipate the involvement of students in this understanding, they were involved in the Student Activity Unit (UKM) so that they were more busy with academic activities. That is, they do not think about radicalism.

    "This is an early detection. If there are suspicious students who are influenced by radicalism, then it must be reported immediately!"

    Obi added that if there were Widyatama students who were involved in the radicalism movement, they would have direct contact with the police.

    "We submit this case in the realm of applicable law and of course if it has been involved, it will definitely drop out," he concluded. Jo

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