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    West Java Provincial Government Facilitates Cooperation of Dong A University - UPI - Telkom University


    BANDUNG CITY - A research states that the future of this world is in the continent of Asia or called Asia Century. Therefore, to make it happen, countries in Asia are asked to cooperate with each other.
    As stated by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil while attending the signing of a memorandum of understanding of cooperation between Dong-A University, South Korea with Telkom University and the University of Indonesian Education (UPI) at Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Monday (9/12/19).
    "In a research, it was conveyed that the future of the world was in the Asian continent or he called the Asian Century. So, the recommendation is that Asian countries work together in various fields to make the future the future of Asians, "Emil said.
    For this reason, Emil said that his party encouraged various collaborations in various fields. One of them is the world of education in West Java to collaborate with foreign universities, especially those in Asia. The cooperation is certainly expected to bring progress to the regions and the people of West Java in the field of cooperation.
    "Therefore, I encourage Dong-A University, Telkom University, and UPI to work together starting from the business management program and later developing into technology 4.0, and others," Emil said. "So we learn the power of Korea and in the future the benefits will finally be present to the people of West Java."
    The several points of cooperation between Dong-A University with Telkom University and UPI are stated in a memorandum of understanding signed directly by the Chancellor of Dong-A University Suk-Jung Han and Chancellor of Telkom University Adiwijaya and Rector of UPI Asep Kadarohman.
    The points of cooperation between Dong-A University and Telkom University, namely:
    1. Exchange of academic, administrative, and research staff,
    2. Exchange undergraduate and postgraduate students,
    3. Conducting collaborative research projects and training activities,
    4. Forming a joint curriculum,
    5. Doing Joint Degrees and Double Degrees,
    6. Exchange of Academic Materials, publications, and other information,
    7. Joint projects on cultural types, international conference organizations, workshops and seminars, and
    8. Promote other cooperation that has a common interest.
    While the points of cooperation between Dong-A University and UPI, namely:
    1. Exchange program of experts, researchers, lecturers, and students,
    2. Research literature exchange programs, research data, and publications, in accordance with applicable laws, rules and procedures on both sides, as well as international rules on intellectual property protection,
    3. Short semester study programs to universities of both parties,
    4. Joint degree and / or double degree program and guarantee transfer credit and recognition of the program from both parties,
    5. Joint research by lecturers and / or researchers from both parties, funds can be supported by both parties, the private sector, or the government / related departments,
    6. Teaching and learning activities through lecture visits agreed by the parties,
    7. Faculty development through training with the time and place agreed by the parties,
    8. Encouraging the participation of lecturers and students in academic activities organized by both parties, such as educational congresses, conferences, workshops, symposia, training, exhibitions, and other academic activities regulated in this agreement, and
    9. Other academic and educational programs agreed upon by the parties.

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