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    West Java PKK Discusses Child and Youth Parenting in a Visit to Gisikdrono


    SEMARANG CITY- Deputy Chairman of the PKK of West Java (West Java) Lina Marlina Ruzhan paid a working visit to the Gisikdrono Village to discuss Child and Youth Parenting with Loving Love in the Family (PAAR Loving).

    Gisikdrono Urban Village was chosen as the purpose of the work visit because it is the National Champion I for Child and Youth Parenting. Lina said, the purpose of her visit was to share knowledge and experiences with PKK Gisikdrono including how to become the champion last year.

    "It turns out that we have a lot of knowledge. Especially for administrative matters, which is a PR (job) that is extraordinary for the PKK," Lina said at the Gisikdrono Urban Village, Semarang City, Monday (9/12/19).

    Lina said, the administration of the Gisikdrono Village PKK is neatly arranged from the RT to the village level. "In addition, there is cooperation from all parties and factors. Starting from the government, reporters, companies and residents they call 4P," he added.

    While in West Java, Lina continued, the PKK has socialized PAAR and implemented it to the people in 27 districts / cities. He also continues to evaluate the activities that have been carried out.

    "That's why we came here (Gisikdrono) so we know what (the program) we need to add," Lina said.

    During the visit, Lina also emphasized that the West Java PKK TP continued to study the superiority of Kelurahan Gisikdrono in order to be an improvement and input for activities in West Java, including related to CSR and the involvement of district / city governments up to the village and sub-district levels.

    Gisikdrono Village won first place as the Best Actor of Pakarti Utama I National PAAR Competition at the peak of the commemoration of the 47th National Level Family Welfare Empowerment Day (HKG-PKK) in 2019.

    The priority programs for the fulfillment of children's rights by PKK Gisikdrono are to provide fairytale and gender training, socialization of juvenile delinquency, socialization of the risk of free sex and drugs, prevention of sexual violence against children, early marriage, and understanding of domestic violence.

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