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    West Java Provincial Government Planted 17,150 Trees in Caringin Tilu


    BANDUNG REGENCY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil started the 2019 National Watershed Recovery Movement in West Java by planting 17,150 trees in the Caringin Tilu Block, Cimenyan Village, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency, Monday (9/12/19).

    Caringin Tilu is a critical land that is included in the North Bandung Region (KBU). This National Movement will plant 25 million trees on critical land throughout West Java, which will be incorporated in 2020.

    "So, if there are no obstacles early next year we will launch planting of 25 million trees in all critical land in West Java and (today) we start at KBU," said the Governor.

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting - nature is a partner for human life on earth. Meanwhile, if there is a mindset that says that trees can be destroyed to support human life is wrong thinking.

    "I observe in theoretical philosophy, humans consider nature as a supporting system not a partner. So, nature can be destroyed, may be cut down for human existence. That's a wrong thought, "he said. "Nature should be a partner that must be asked first what it wants, first to be asked what it wants."

    Trees planted in Caringin Tilu consist of 6,000 productive tree seedlings and 11,150 tree timber species. This movement is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the National Disaster and Disaster Management Agency, Perhutani, and the city and district governments around Greater Bandung.

    This movement also involves a variety of farmer groups with agroforestry planting patterns, as well as artists and cultural figures, say Ferry Curtis and former child singer Tasya Kamila.

    To strengthen this movement, the Governor immediately issued a circular so that the community was actively involved in donating trees. "People can donate trees later with the rules that we will prepare, such as those who want to get married, can contribute ten trees, 100 divorced trees, who graduate from elementary, junior high, ten trees high school, and others for participation," said Emil.

    In addition to the circular, Emil immediately issued a governor's regulation which would regulate land use permits in the KBU as a whole. In the governing regulation, it was stressed that every construction permit must include the governor's recommendation. Therefore, if a permit is issued in a regency / city without a recommendation from the governor, the permit will automatically be canceled by law.

    "Starting next year a regulation governing KBU will be born to ensure that recommendations are a condition. And anyone who issues permits without recommendations will be legally canceled, "Emil stressed.

    This regulation is to reduce the erroneous interpretation that has been on the minds of the district / city apparatus. "With Kodam III / Siliwangi we are ready to declare that KBU is part of the Citarum watershed, so that law enforcement will not only include the Satpol PP but also involve the TNI, Polri and the prosecutor's office," he added.

    On the same occasion, the Governor also launched the e-Planting application, which is an application that allows the public to know the progress of reforestation carried out in West Java. This application will contain tree information per location starting from district, sub-district and village. In addition to public locations, tree species, number of trees, planting years, and selfies for planting activities can be identified. Communities can also be involved by reporting trees that have been planted themselves through the application.

    "This application is to invite residents to participate and find out the results of the plants are recorded in the coordinates that can be checked in the e-Tanam earlier. So if there are 25,000 planters, there are 25,000 points that we often monitor, "Emil explained.

    "Because often after being planted poorly maintained, there is a revoke, and so on. Hopefully this love will be nurtured and digitalized, "he continued.

    Yuliarto Joko Putranto, Secretary of the Directorate General of PDASHL who represented the Minister of LHK explained that the handling of critical land areas must be carried out comprehensively with the principle of integrating planting work, technical civil, and nursery techniques, and activating all elements and community participation.

    "Management of critical land must produce change, develop employment opportunities, and overcome poverty in addition to overcoming environmental problems," said Yuliarto.

    Yuliarto conveyed the President's message, that the local government can develop nurseries with the community through the Village Seedling Garden (KBD). This is done in the context of restoring degraded land inside and outside the forest area.

    One of the residents of Cimenyan Village, Encep Nandang welcomed this national movement. According to him, the tree planting movement can simultaneously prevent disasters, such as landslides and floods around the city of Bandung.

    Residents also, admit Encep, will be committed to be more involved in supervise the area of land that has been planted. However, Encep also wanted that the tree assistance from the government was given directly to residents, and the tree seedlings given were large tree seeds that could hold water.

    "It is better if there is more tree assistance, directly (given) to its citizens. Involving the local RT and RW so that more arrived, "said Encep.

    Encep revealed, most of the land, especially those in the Caringin Tilu Block, Cimenyan Village was privately owned land but not from surrounding residents.

    "If you have a private community (around the village) it's also good (if it's green). It's the only obstacle that belongs to rich people who are not here, "he explained.

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