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    West Java Provincial Government Launches E-Planting Application


    BANDUNG REGENCY - Part of an effort to tackle degraded land in West Java, the West Java Provincial Government through the Forestry Service launched a digital innovation under the name E-Tanam.

    According to the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, the application has a utility to map critical land in West Java and is equipped with a digital map that serves to inform the critical land points. Thus, land that has been declared critical will be replanted.

    "We have the e-planting application to invite citizens to participate and find out the results of the plants can be checked or monitored through this application," said the Governor, in the Tree Planting Simultaneous Movement in Cimenyan, Bandung Regency, Monday (09/12)

    The Governor hopes that through this application the community will play an active role in helping to protect the planted land and the Forest Service will provide information on the availability of tree seedlings to be planted on the land.

    "So with this e-planting application, it wants to invite citizens to be able to commit to safeguarding every tree and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Indonesia," he said.

    The governor added, with this application there is also a seed service via the application, so that if people need tree seedlings to be planted they will be notified.

    "If the community needs it, then later in the house there will be notifications about where the seeds can be taken," he added. (Parno).

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