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    Horse Athletes, West Java Governor Cup Regional Championship is Held


    SUMEDANG REGENCY- West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opened the Regional Championship (Kejurda) horse riding the West Java Governor Cup at the Cibogo Horse Race Hall, Tanjungsari District, Sumedang, Sunday (12/8/19). Deputy Governor hopes that 150 of West Java participants born with quality athletes who will be included in prestigious events with a higher level.

    "Hopefully a horse athlete will be born who will bring the name of West Java up," he hoped.

    The Regional Government of West Java Province through the Department of Youth and Sports is currently focusing one of them on the training of horse athletes including improving infrastructure. Horse racing field which is a venue is the result of relocation of Arcamanik Bandung horse racing.

    "We focus and pay attention to horse athletes including the means of horse racing. We have a representative and strategic horse racing field like here (Cibogo)," Uu said.

    However, there are several facilities in the arena that must be improved. Uu said, the West Java Provincial Government will try to use the 2020 budget to fix the Cibogo horse race.

    "There are facilities that we must improve, God willing, we will try later in the 2020 budget," he said.

    In addition to attracting horse athletes, the equitable training will also aim to improve the economy of the surrounding community because there is an element of tourism. Thousands of residents of Sumedang and surrounding cities are seen crowding the Cibogo racetrack.

    "We appreciate this activity, in addition to the Sunnah of the Apostles, sports and health also improve the people's economy because there is an element of tourism," he said.

    The chairman of the event organizerJejen, revealed, the event that fought over the Governor's trophy and the coaching money became the momentum of the revival of riding in West Java. He also welcomed the West Java Provincial Government's efforts to improve Cibogo horse racing facilities and hopes to have an official name soon.

    "The construction of this equestrian field is the relocation of a horse race that was previously in Arcamanik but the name of the hoof is not yet available," he said.

    Jejen said, the 2019 Governor's Cup Regional Championship is in preparation for the 2020 Presidential Cup National Championship where West Java will be the host.

    "West Java will host the 2020 President trophy and the plan is to be held here, because in 2019 this will be the national horse riding champion," said Jejen.

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