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    Kartini Day : Make Indramayu Women Dignified


    INDRAMAYU - The 137th Kartini Day commemoration in Indramayu district is a momentum to achieve a more dignified for Indramayu women. This is because there are still many Indramayu women who need assistance and should be struggled their fate.


    This is confirmed by Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah in the commemoration ceremony of Kartini Day which took place in the Indramayu Square, Thursday (21/04/2016).


    According to Anna, to realise it then all parties must come together to continue to participate involved in the development. The attention of Indramayu regency against women continues to increase both in terms of its empowerment and protection.


    Kartini Day is in addition to realise the dignity of women should also be utilised to improve the quality of family through the creation of a healthy generation and a strong economy.


    Women who try to continue to catch up with men still not allowed to leave their fate as a mother, especially if we look backward that a woman born with traditional practices oriental, where women are the epitome of flexibility, softness, beauty and modesty.


    At the ceremony commemorating of Kartini Day was submitted SK pension for civil servants who retired in the period from May 2016 as many as 43 people, also handed SK promotion of civil servants as many as 1,446 people a period of 1 April 2016 consisting of Group IV as many as 507 people, group III as many as 512 people, groups II as many as 412 people, and class I as many as 15 people.


    Then also handed over awards to the winners of inter-wife's speech from the secretary of district and handed over 38 cars idle for 38 villages in Indramayu regency.

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