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    Priangan Weekend Market: UKM is Requested to Register Product Patents


    TASIKMALAYA CITY - Patents are very important to protect the work of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from plagiarism.

    For this reason, Deputy Chairperson of the West Java (West Java) Province of West Java (Dekranasda) Council Lina Marlina Ruzhan appealed to SMEs to start paying attention to product patents.

    Lina said that the registration of patents from West Java UKM was not yet triggered due to the difficulty in obtaining product patents. However, Lina stressed that she was ready to help SMEs in registering patents.

    "I answered the complaints of UMM, many of them confided to me he said that making patents was difficult. Indeed, because to see similar products throughout Indonesia was very difficult," Lina said after opening the Priangan Weekend Market @ Tasikmalaya City at Mall Plaza Asia , City of Tasikmalaya, Saturday (12/7/19).

    "Certainly the West Java Provincial Government through Dekranasda and also the Industry and Trade Office (Indag) have helped a lot and will continue to encourage SMEs to register patents. Not only the provinces, but also districts / cities," he added.

    The Priangan Weekend Market activity in Tasikmalaya City itself was held for two days from 7 to 8 December 2019. A total of 20 leading SMEs from six regencies / cities in the East Priangan region exhibited their superior products at this event.

    In addition to product exhibitions, the Priangan Weekend Market also held fashion shows, music performances, talk shows, and workshops from West Java Dekranasda.

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