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    West Java Provincial Government Opens Opportunities for Cooperation with Investors from Chongqing


    BANDUNG CITY - The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) has explored investment cooperation in various sectors with Chongqing City, one of the largest cities of the provincial level in China.

    In addition to both having a large population, West Java and Chongqing have similarities in particular about the manufacturing industry.

    When receiving a working visit from the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal People's Congress Du Liming and his entourage at the Golden Chopstick Resto, Bandung City, Friday (6/12/19), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also confirmed that Chongqing was an important partner for West Java.

    "This is a valuable meeting, Chongqing is the largest automotive producer in China which has exported its commodities to various countries. We were exploring what fields would be collaborated with," said Ridwan Kamil accompanied by Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    "We both have a large manufacturing industry," added Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil.

    During the meeting, Emil also gave a West Java investment guide book with a total investment opportunity worth 60 billion US dollars or approximately Rp. 847 trillion.

    Even so, Emil did not want to give details of what sectors would be cooperated because they were still in the exploratory stage. The possibility is that cooperation will be carried out in the infrastructure and energy sectors.

    "In the investment manual I gave, I directed (Chongqing investors) to the infrastructure and energy investment sector," Emil said.

    Emil also assured the group from Chongqing that West Java is an investment paradise in Indonesia. Moreover, his party is currently building a Rebana Triangle (Cirebon-Patimban-Majalengka) which will be made a Special Economic Zone or KEK.

    Emil did not forget to direct his potential investors to invest in the Rebana Triangle.

    "We say that West Java is an investment paradise and there will be a KEK Rebana Triangle, so we will go there and they will see the area firsthand," Emil said.

    At the end of the meeting, Emil also gave the best coffee typical of West Java to the Chongqing delegation as part of diplomacy. "Hopefully we can also export coffee to Chongqing," he said.

    Meanwhile, Du Liming gave a reason for his interest to invest in West Java. Through his translator, Du Liming said that Chongqing and West Java are sister provinces which are quite long.

    "The reason we came is because West Java is a provincial system from Chongqing. For us West Java is an important area for mutual cooperation," Du Liming said.

    He also plans to bring Chongqing investors to West Java after the exploration is over. "After this we will come here again with businessmen," he concluded.

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