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    West Java Governor Launches Sapawarga Public Service Application


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil officially launched the 'Sapawarga' application as a form of implementation of technological innovation in serving the public at the Jabar Digital Innovation Awards (JDIA) 2019 event at The Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, Friday (6/12) / 19).

    As a medium of communication for residents of West Java, SuperApps Sapawarga has features that are in accordance with the needs of the community through the function of accommodating aspirations, bridging communication lines, and becoming a door of access to online public services.

    "Today, a leap of digital transformation in West Java was carried out, namely the release of SuperApps Sapawarga, which was present in tens of thousands of the Head of the Rukun Warga (RW)," Ridwan Kamil said.

    The governor, who is familiarly called Emil, explained that the RW Heads in West Java will be lent a smartphone with the Sapawarga application in it to facilitate the communication process with the West Java Provincial Government.

    "Also the opposite, if the province has a program that wants to be surveyed or disseminated, it can be through Sapawarga," Emil added.

    In addition, Emil said that the application was also a platform to eradicate hoaks because it was integrated with the Jabar Sapu Clean (Saber) Hoaks work unit.

    "The advantages (Sapawarga) are like social media, but the communication process is recorded," Emil said.

    Head of the West Java Communication and Information Office Setiaji meanwhile said that his party had prepared a budget of around Rp. 60 billion to provide smartphone units worth Rp. 1.3 million each for RW Heads in West Java.

    "The specifications are smartphone size of five to seven inches, in which there is already a Sapawarga application," said Setiaji.

    Setiaji emphasized that the 27 regency / city administrations also had a stake in training citizens to use Sapawarga and at the same time be able to integrate district / city level public services in the application.

    "Sapawarga application training also involves local IT volunteers called Village Local Assistance," he added.

    In this JDIA 2019, there are 2019 Sapawarga Awards as a form of appreciation for RW officials as users of early versions of Sapawarga, Village Local Assistance as training facilitators, and Regency / City Governments throughout West Java as Sapawarga administrators, who play an active role in the development and implementation of Sapawarga applications .

    One of them is Narti, RW administrator and representative from Ciparigi Village, Sukadana District, Ciamis Regency who received the 'Best Sapawarga User' award.

    According to Narti, the Sapawarga application strongly supports its activities as a development entity in the village. "I (in the application) often get development information, Mr. Governor's program, there are surveys, polls, I am diligent in participating," he said.

    Narti added, he also contributed to the aspirations of the West Java Provincial Government related to health, infrastructure, and community empowerment through the application.

    A similar sentiment was expressed by Dadan Setiawan, RW administrator from Karya Mukti Village, Campaka District, Cianjur Regency. Dadan said his side could also propose regional development with the presence of 'Sapawarga'.

    "Through this digital application I can also get to know the provincial government programs from definite sources," said Dadan.

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