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    In order for Digital Da'wah to be Effective, DKM Is Urged to Have a Social Media Team


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil suggested that every Mosque Prosperity Board (DKM) in West Java have a Social Media Team (Social Media).

    Moreover, the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province has launched a digital preaching program through various platforms so that scholars throughout West Java can disseminate preaching content widely.

    "Every mosque must have a social media team, because everyone (currently) is holding a cellphone, digital preaching is considered effective," said Ridwan Kamil while attending the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) Regional Working Meeting (Rakerwil) at the Shakti Hotel in Bandung, Friday (6) / 12/19).

    The governor, who is familiarly called Emil, also admitted that he planned to make a digital version of the yellow books or books compiled by West Java scholars into the Digital Da'wah content.

    West Java itself is the province with the largest population, reaching almost 49 million people, of which more than 90 percent of the population are Muslim.

    West Java also has more than 50 thousand mosques and nearly 40 thousand musalas. Emil added, through the public relations program, more than 10 thousand mosques had implemented the Koran Magrib program.

    In addition, there is also the Fajr Mobile Travel Program and the Intimate Credit in cooperation with the bank bjb that is able to free about 18 thousand residents of West Java from loan sharks.

    Not only that, the English for Ulama program also encouraged West Java scholars to spread peaceful Islamic da'wah to various parts of Europe.

    "Also (as) Muslims' obligation, we must be the foremost in bringing messages of peace, so there is an English for Ulama program. Training young English scholars to spread Washatiah Islam (moderate) throughout the world," Emil said.

    West Java DMI Chairman Ahmad Sidik meanwhile said he was ready to support West Java Provincial Government programs in the development of the people.

    "First, we want to adopt the flagship DMI central program. Second, we adopt the West Java Provincial Government program," Ahmad Sidik said.

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