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    Len Supports Domestic Defense Industry


    BANDUNG - Naval Operations Education Command (Kodikopsla) The Indonesian Navy has just acquired new Gunnery Firing Range (GFR) equipment.

    The GFR consists of Sewaco (Sensor, Weapon, and Command) like warships that can be used for firing cannons without having to operate warships at sea so that this system can be used intensively by the Navy.

    In addition, this system can also be a laboratory for the development of the Navy's combat doctrine. The GFR is installed at the Kodikopsla Kodiklatal Shooting Center, Paiton, Probolinggo, East Java.

    In the press release of Len Public Relations, the new defense equipment was handed over by Aslog Kasal Laksda TNI Moelyanto, M.si (HAN), which will then be used by Kodikopsla for training facilities starting early 2020. This was marked by the signing of the inscription and the official report by Aslog Kasal in Paiton (6/12).

    "It is a big dream to have a marketing platform that can hone the combat management of soldiers. This is an extraordinary collaboration and innovation between the Indonesian Navy and PT Len Industri, which adds value to some of Len's innovations. Previously the training was only with land artillery, "Every activity brings cannon from Surabaya to Paiton. This cannot be assessed with the material, because later to build human resources," said Admiral Moelyanto.

    President Commissioner of PT Len Industri (Persero), Laksda (Ret) Ir. Leonardi who attended the inauguration said that he was also proud to be able to help provide this facility for the TNI. GFR has used a CMS or Combat Management System made by Len engineers.

    "We are integrating the sensors and weapons into the CMS, the civil works as well. We have begun working on this project since 2018 and in the future the GFR will be equipped with a 57mm Cannon."

    PT Len Industri together with Indonesian Navy Headquarters, Armed Forces and Electronic Navy (Dissenlekal), and the Eligibility Service Team (Dislaik) have tested the function of this system by firing 76mm Melara OTO guns.

    "The construction of this facility is divided into 2 contracts, namely the building and Sewaco system. I think the local content is already quite high at around 60%," he added.

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