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    Emil: I am not anti-criticism, but it must be based


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil reiterated that he is not anti-criticism, but is open to various input or suggestions. But according to Kang Emil, the nickname of the Governor of West Java, the criticism must have facts or are based on clear facts. This was revealed by Kang Emil in front of the editorial leaders of the West Java mass media in the Chief Editor's Forum at Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, Friday afternoon (6/12/2019).

    "I am open, but there must be clear facts, don't just rumors or just based on estimates of subjectivity," he said.

    In the 3rd Editor-in-Chief Forum with the theme of the Year-End Replication Development, Kang Emil also revealed various program achievements during the year.

    "Among the programs to reduce flooding, the Jugong waterfall water tunnel is now almost complete, hopefully by the end of this year it will start operating. One pesantren one product is also continuing. More pesantren have been able to develop their businesses. The English for ulama program is also responding very well from destination country like the UK. Then there are many more "he said.

    But the Governor who was accompanied by his deputy Uu Ruzhanul Ulum also admitted that there were still many shortcomings here and there that still needed to be fixed.

    "Yes, the first year is the year to lay the foundation, so please be advised if there are still shortages. Later, God willing, the second year is the year of acceleration, and the harvest will be known by the third," said Ridwan Kamil, who was interspersed with several questions from members of the Chief Editor.

    In this program, Kang Emil specifically asked the media to take part in rectifying the Rebana area program. According to him, Rebana is all areas within the radius of the existence of Kertajati airport and Patimban port.

    "So all affected areas within the kertajati airport radius and Patimban port are included in Rebana. At that time I just wanted to make it easier to say the name, so the impression that entered was only Cirebon, Majalengka, and Subang, even though everything in the region entered, including Indramayu. "he explained.

    The Chief Editor's Forum is held for the purpose of sharing the information with the media and the government. The event took place casually, even occasionally Kang Emil let out laughter while describing his experience in running the program with Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. (Even)

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