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    West Java Wins Award of Regional Government Concerned Broadcasting at the 2019 KPI Award


    JAKARTA - The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) has been named the Regional Government of Broadcast Concern by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).

    The award was given directly to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil on the peak night of the 2019 KPI Award at Metro TV's grand studio, Jakarta, Wednesday (4/12/19).

    "Hopefully this award will be an inspiration together," Emil said - as Ridwan Kamil was called.

    Emil also stressed that his party and the Regional KPI (KPID) of West Java are very compact in educating and protecting their citizens from information.

    Residents in the province with the largest population in Indonesia, added Emil, were at the same time consuming the most information in the country.

    "We together with the West Java KPID are very unified, every year we also hold the Swid KPID," Emil said.

    In addition, support in the form of a budget is always disbursed by the West Java Provincial Government to the West Java KPID every year.

    Now there are 417 broadcasting institutions operating in West Java. The amount is the highest in Indonesia so it must be fostered truly by the West Java Provincial Government in collaboration with West Java KPID.

    "We have to foster 417 broadcasting institutions or most in Indonesia because West Java residents are consuming information," said Emil.

    Regarding the challenges in media, Emil said that the current problem is not in finding information and sorting out information, but in the information war against hoax news that is circulating almost daily, including in West Java.

    "The problem in our parents' age is to look for information, the problem in my day is to sort out information, and today's war is not a war of weapons, but an information war," Emil said.

    To that end, the West Java Provincial Government has already formed a Jabar Sapu Clean (Saber) Hoaks work unit. "Every Monday we post five news hoaks that circulate in West Java to protect the information space of our citizens. Hopefully this unit can be adopted by other local governments," Emil hoped.

    The 2019 KPI award itself is a form of appreciation to television and radio people in presenting healthy and quality broadcast programs.

    Reported by the official page, at this year's KPI Award the committee received 185 television shows and 130 radio broadcasts, which were spread in 16 award categories. In assessing 315 broadcast programs, KPI included 21 judges from various backgrounds such as psychologists, film directors and critics, film practitioners, broadcast observers, academics, and members of the Indonesian Parliament.

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