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    MarkPlus Conference: Ridwan Kamil Wins Award for Governor Entrepreneur Award and Marketeer of The Year 2019


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil was awarded the 2019 Governor Entrepreneur Award in the education and investment category and special mention as Marketeer of The Year 2019 at the 2019 Regional Entrepreneur Leader Award in the MarkPlus Conference 2020 series in Jakarta.

    The award was received directly by Ridwan Kamil from founder & chairman of marketing company Markplus, Inc. Hermawan Kartajaya at The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/4/19).

    As for Markplus, Inc. as the organizer considered Ridwan Kamil as an innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial leader who was applied in government so that he succeeded in making a lot of progress.

    "My happiness today is double because there are six regions in West Java that also won the same award, we are indeed more compact," said the governor who is often called Emil.

    Six other regional heads referred to by Emil received awards at the 2019 Regional Leader Entrepreneur Award namely the Bogor Regent (tourism category), Purwakarta Regent (tourism category), Cimahi Mayor (poverty category), Sukabumi Mayor (health and trade category), Mayor Bandung (tourism category), and the Mayor of Bogor (poverty and education category).

    Emil added, entrepreneurial spirit must indeed be applied in the world of government. For that, according to him there are four things that must be owned by leaders to develop the region.

    "First, we must be proactive as a leader because if we are not proactive and enthusiastic, our affairs will go in place," Emil said.

    Second, continued Emil, in the current competitive era the leader must also be a business. "This business has many relationships to marketing," he said.

    As governor, Emil also made a coffee cafe named Jabarano. The cafe now stands in Sydney Australia and sells 100 percent of West Java's original coffee complete with West Java tourism and UKM galleries.

    "This is the result of lobbying with the Mayor of Melbourne, this is the concept of marketing business that I applied," Emil added.

    Third, leaders must be pro-inclusive. He also initiated digital commerce centers in the villages, one of which was in collaboration with Tokopedia. "With 4.0 now in the village of West Java feeding catfish already using smartphones," he said.

    The last thing, said Emil, leaders must be pro-environment, for example changing waste into economic value.

    The holding of the 2019 Regional Leader Entrepreneur Award in the largest series of marketing events in Asia was carried out in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Provincial Governments (APPSI), the Association of Indonesian Municipal Governments (APEKSI), and the Association of All Indonesian Regency Governments (APKASI) to further submit the assessment results. to the Directorate General of Regional Autonomy, Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

    As chariman MarkPlus, Inc., Hermawan considered that the paradigm of a leader was efficiency, productivity and professionalism. "But now innovation, creativity and entrepreneurs are a new way of thinking of an innovative leader that makes the region progress," he said.

    "Everything (progress) can be felt in various sectors, from health, education, poverty alleviation, tourism, trade to investment," Hermawan said.

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