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    Governor and 18 Regents / Mayors of West Java Receive Anubhawa Sasana Village / Village Award from Minister of Law and Human Rights


    BANDUNG CITY- The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) continues to improve the achievement of the Aware of Law Village / Urban Village as a continuation of the law-aware family program.

    Until 2018, West Java had 2,640 Sadar Hukum Villages from 5,312 villages and 645 existing villages. And in 2019, as many as 130 villages / kelurahan (116 dec and 14 kelurahan in 97 sub-districts) have been established as Sadar Hukum Village / Kelurahan.

    In total, West Java has 2,770 Sadar Hukum Village / Kelurahan with 2,272 villages and 498 kelurahan as well as provinces with the highest number of Sadar Hukum Village / Kelurahan in the country.

    For this reason, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) through Menkumham Yasonna H. Laoly also gave Anubhawa Sasana Desa / Kelurahan award to West Java Governor and 18 Regents / Mayors throughout West Java.

    The award was given thanks to the innovations, services, and commitment of the governor and regional heads in an effort to increase legal awareness of the community, especially villages and villages through the development of Village / Village Law Awareness.

    18 Regents / Mayors who received awards were Bogor Regent, Sukabumi Regent, Bekasi Regent, Karawang Regent, Purwakarta Regent, Subang Regent, Cirebon Regent, Majalengka Regent, Kuningan Regent, Bandung Regent, Sumedang Regent, Garut Regent, Regent Pangandaran , Regent of West Bandung, Regent of Tasikmalaya, as well as the Mayor of Depok and the Mayor of Bandung.

    The Village / Kelurahan Sadar Hukum is a village / kelurahan that has been fostered or because its initiative and self-sufficiency have fulfilled the legal awareness criteria based on the SE of the Head of the National Legal Development Board of the Kemenhumkam and the E-Darkum assessment by the West Java Provincial Government.

    According to Deputy Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum who accompanied Menkumham in the inauguration ceremony of the Village / Village Law Awareness and Legal Documentation and Information Network (JDIH) Award for the 2019 Provincial Government of West Java in Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Wednesday (4/12 / 19), the village / kelurahan program is aware of the law and will increase the awareness of the community and policy makers.

    If the level of community law observance is high, continued Uu, development activities will run well and the security situation will be conducive.

    "Because we obey the law, all activities in West Java will be comfortable, safe, calm, and conducive because they (the community) do not violate the law. Daily activities are safe, no fear and others. It means that law is something to protect our lives, "Uu said.

    Uu emphasized that the predicate as the province with the most law conscious villages / kelurahan in Indonesia also proved that West Java is a province that upholds tolerance.

    "Evidently the people of West Java are award winners in the highest and highest legal awareness compared to other provinces. Means that with legal awareness, the problem of intolerance is erased, "he explained.

    For this reason, Uu hopes that the number of lawful villages / kelurahan in West Java will increase each year. He said he will continue to make efforts through counseling to all villages / villages in 27 districts / cities.

    Meanwhile, Menkumham appreciated the efforts of the West Java Provincial Government in supporting this law-aware rural / urban development program. According to him, the achievement of West Java is a form of synergy between the regional government and the central government.

    "Indeed, West Java obtained the highest percentage of almost 50 percent (from the number of villages / kelurahan in its area) already having a legal awareness title. And for the village / kelurahan that has received it (the title of the village / kelurahan is aware of the law), continue to increase the legal awareness of its citizens, "said Yasonna.

    Yasonna also said, the law is an attempt by the state to maintain the order of life so that we can work and carry out development that leads to the progress of the nation.

    "The correlation of legal awareness and development and progress of a nation is very close. The higher the legal awareness of the people in a country, the more developed and developed the nation and country are, "he said, referring to Singapore and Japan.

    Regarding Village / Urban Awareness Law, there are four dimensions of the index that become evaluation criteria, namely access to information (20 percent), implementation of law (40 percent), access to justice (20 percent), and democracy and regulation (20 percent) with the village / kelurahan category aware of the high law, enough, and less.

    One of the award-winning village heads, the Village Head of Gintung Kerta, Klari District, Karawang Regency, Muhammad Tabrani, said he was proud to be able to represent Karawang as a village with the title of a village aware of the law.

    Muhammad said, there were various efforts made by Gintung Kerta Village to raise awareness of law community, such as the socialization of various rules to provide facilities and infrastructure for waste management.

    "Through the socialization and try to provide infrastructure facilities for garbage transportation services, socialization to RT, community leaders. When it comes to socializing our households, we give understanding to mothers, PKK, and other communities, "said Muhammad.

    "Although it is a bit heavy (to increase public awareness of the law), all people are expected to be more aware of the law," he hoped.

    For the 2019 JDIH Award, the Government of Bandung City, Tasikmalaya City, Sukabumi Regency, Cirebon City, Cianjur Regency, Bekasi City and Depok City received awards in the Prima Service category.

    In addition, the Best JDIH Award was given to Sukabumi City (Best I), Garut Regency (Best II), and Bandung Regency (Best III). The three received a certificate of appreciation and coaching money of IDR 10 million (Best I), IDR 7.5 million (Best II), and IDR 5 million (Best III).

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