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    Atalia Ridwan Kamil: Enthusiastic Socialization Begins from Early Childhood


    BANDUNG - Mother PAUD West Java Province Atalia Ridwan Kamil storytelling as well as educating dozens of PAUD students about the benefits of eating fish in PAUD Bunda Asuh Nanda, Bandung City, Wednesday (4/12/19).

    After storytelling, Atalia said that the socialization of the Gemarikan (Fish Eating Movement) needed to be done to increase community fish consumption. In addition, Fools can encourage people to eat nutritious and safe food with a local resource base.

    "Today we are present in connection with a program that has been entrusted and advised to us from the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Where we have to disseminate the information related to the Enthusiasm starting from early childhood," said Atalia.

    "That is why we came to PAUD. Because to inform and socialize the Fish Eating Movement," he added.

    Atalia hopes that the stunting rate in West Java will continue to decline along with the increase in consumption of children's fish. Because one of the factors causing the high stunting rate in Indonesia, especially West Java, is poor nutrition.

    "Our hope is that the smaller these children will be given supplies related to fond of eating nutritious foods, especially fish, stunting cases in Indonesia can also disappear and there are no new cases," he said.

    The story read by Atalia is entitled Mia and Fried Fish. The tale tells about the importance of eating fish. By consuming fish that are rich in protein, he said, West Java children can grow up healthy, smart, and cheerful.

    "I happened to also make a book related to Gemarikan titled 'Mia and Fried Fish', this book has also spread throughout West Java," he said.

    "The point is more to how children really understand the importance of eating fish from reading. My hope is that children who are still young can be read by their parents, because after all they take an example from their parents."

    "In addition, in it (the book) also conveyed how parents accustom children to eat fish starting with separating thorns or bones of the fish and so forth," Atalia said ending.

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