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    LN West Java Trade October Surplus


    BANDUNG - The value of the West Java foreign trade balance in October 2019 was a surplus of USD 1.68 billion, thus the cumulative January-October 2019 surplus was USD 16.13 billion. This was shown from the increase in exports of West Java.

    Head of West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Dody Herlando said West Java exports in October 2019 reached USD 2.65 billion, up 4.90 percent compared to September 2019. Non-oil and gas exports in October 2019 reached USD 2.62 billion, up 4.33 percent compared to last month. While oil and gas exports rose quite significantly by 102.17 percent, from USD 14.84 million to USD 30.00 million.

    "In year-on-year Non-Oil and Gas exports fell 1.85 percent, total exports also fell by 1.41 percent," he explained.

    Oil and Gas Exports (y-o-y) rose 61.07 percent compared to October 2018. The export value of 10 main categories of goods in October 2019 compared to the previous month, almost all experienced an increase of around 3 to 16 percent. There were two groups that experienced a decline, namely the Non-Knitted Garments group which fell 16.82 percent and Knitted Goods down 12.86 percent.

    The market share of West Java's Non-Oil and Gas exports in October 2019 was dominated by the United States, Japan and Thailand, each valued at USD 426.85 million, USD 274.74 million and USD 249.93 million, with the role of the three reaching 36.28 percent.

    Cumulatively, y-t-d, exports to major destination countries decreased by an aggregate of 1.27 percent, except for exports to the United States, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand. Jo

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