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    West Java’s Coffee is Number One in The World


    BANDUNG - Coffee Java Preanger from West Java was developed by Ayi Suteja, a coffee farmer in Malabar Pangalengan. It managed to become champion in the coffee festival held by Atlanta United States last March. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan appreciates the achievement in a meeting with Ayi Suteja in Pakuan, Thursday (21/4).

    "This is incredible, West Java Coffee became the first winner in the prestigious coffee festival. Not only a champion, but the first champion, and also 6 other championship which we get,” he said.

    According to the Governor, he achieved the feat proved that West Java local coffee does have advantages over other coffee in the archipelago or even the world.

    "This proves that our coffee is superior compared with other coffee in the world. Just how we can develop this advantage could become a commodity that can be relied upon,” said Aher.

    The meeting between the governor and the coffee farmers named Ayi Suteja take place in the backyard of Pakuan in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying that coffee champions.

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