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    2020 Focus on Strengthening West Java's Human Resources


    BANDUNG - Kopdar that took place in Cianjur In addition to evaluating the activities of the past year, the Kopdar also discussed the 2020 program plan, including the focus on the development of Human Resources (HR) according to the direction of Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that the West Java Provincial Government also evaluated the SMK curriculum in collaboration with companies so that a link and match would appear between the Business World and the Industrial World (DUDI).

    Emil, the governor's nickname also asked the regents and mayors to require industries in their regions to have schools or training places for SMK graduates.

    "Please ask the regent / mayor to have a school or teaching factory in the factory. Don't give permission (the company) if there is no concept that will start in 2020. If the factory meets, then the tax will be reduced. This is our effort to increase human resources and reduce unemployment. especially vocational schools, "Emil said.

    Not only that, Emil reminded the regents / mayors to carry out the President's directives to facilitate investment licensing, especially in the manufacturing sector.

    Simultaneous elections in 2020 were included in the discussion. Emil asked the eight regions that will hold simultaneous local elections next year to maintain the West Java conducivity.

    Related to the tourism sector, Emil also asked the regions to maximize the potential of local tourism. "Maximize the existing potential because of West Java's economic strength, namely the manufacturing and tourism industries," Emil said.

    Through this Kopdar which is regularly held, Emil believes that in 2020 West Java will be more advanced because the meeting of the heads of regions has a positive impact on accelerating development.

    "This Kopdar is a new idea which previously did not exist, it was appreciated by all (regional heads). God willing 2020 West Java will be more advanced with this Kopdar," concluded Emil. Jo

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