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    Atalia Ridwan Kamil Becomes an Indonesian Inspiring Woman 2019


    JAKARTA - Chairman of the PKK of West Java Province Atalia Ridwan Kamil won the 2019 Indonesian Inspirational Women award in the field of Social Activists in the Exhibition of Unlimited Shades at the Ministry of Industry Building, Jakarta, Monday (12/2/19).

    The event which took the theme 'Gemilang NTB' was initiated by the Indonesian Muslim Women Entrepreneurs Association (IPEMI), Directorate General of Small, Medium and Various Industries, (IKMA) Ministry of Industry.

    According to Atalia, the award was a motivation for him to continue to contribute to development and bring change. He also stated, Indonesian women, especially West Java, must play a role in improving the welfare of society.

    "So, of course, I am proud and happy. Because today also complements how I must continue to work hard in order to be an inspiration for other women in Indonesia," Atalia said.

    "However we live in the social world, we are involved in community activities related to humans and other women. So, every woman who has advantages compared to others must be able to inspire," he added.

    Atalia also advised all Indonesian women to continue to carve achievements while exploring their potential, talents, and expertise.

    "In addition, we also have to dig ourselves, learn a lot from others so that we continue to be better women in the future," she said.

    "I hope that this can inspire friends so that in our lives we can benefit others with whatever we can do, because what is done with the heart will return to the heart," he added.

    As the woman behind the success of the Governor of West Java, Atalia Ridwan Kamil successfully carried out his role of being a wife and mother of his two children.

    In addition, Atalia is also active in a number of organizations that support the West Java Provincial Government's program.

    During his time as Chairman of the TP PKK of West Java Province, Atalia actively participated in encouraging family economic development through UP2K (Family Income Improvement Efforts) at the household level.

    Besides UP2K, there is also the Women's School Program to Achieve Dreams and Dreams (Sekoper Cinta) and the Traveling Broadcasting Program (Sarling). The problem that is the focus of Atalia with West Java PKK TP is about malnutrition or malnutrition which is one of the causes of stunting.

    Meanwhile, IPEMI Chairwoman Ingrid Kansil said that the Indonesian Inspirational Women award is a form of IPEMI appreciation for Indonesian women who are able to bring change and produce quality young generation.

    "Throughout history, Indonesia has given birth to great women who have a big hand in building this nation. They are a pillar of the nation and not a single time passes without the presence and action of women fighters, "he said.

    Besides giving awards to 86 inspirational women, the event was enlivened with a number of activities. From book launches, fashion shows, talk shows, art creation contests, to the launch of IPEMI's eco-friendly bags.

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