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    Subling in Pangandaran, Governor Invites Residents to Build West Java in an Islamic and Modern manner


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil said that the morning prayers performed in congregation at the mosque were one of the ways to awaken physically to Islam.

    The governor, who is familiarly called Emil, always invites the public, including the congregation of the Jami Al Barokah Mosque in Pangandaran Regency, to regularly pray at dawn in congregation.

    "Basically, as a leader, I always want to invite people to worship, especially young people to be diligent at dawn prayers at a nearby mosque," Emil said while doing the Morning Subling (Subling) Congregation at the Jami Al Barokah Mosque, Jl. West Coast Pangandaran No. 45, Kab. Pangandaran, Sunday (1/12/19).

    "This (dawn in congregation) is one way to physically awaken Islam besides Friday prayers," he added.

    Emil added that development in West Java was not only a physical matter, but also a mental one, so that the vision of the West Javanese Champion Born Inner was one of them through the flagship One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) program.

    "Today there are five pesantren that exhibit, sell, in Turkey. These pesantrren are part of the OPOP program. So there must be no pesantren whose economic efforts are not included, including in Pangandaran," Emil said.

    In addition to OPOP, there is an Intimate Credit program, which is a loan without interest and without collateral that can be obtained through the mosque. "There is also the Sadesa program (Satu Desa Satu Hafiz), if it can be recorded in Pangandaran (mosque) that does not yet have memorization of the Koran, it will be given a scholarship," Emil added.

    "I do not want people to live only to pursue world life. West Java must be Islamic, but modern like Singapore, the United States, South Korea."

    "Balance between the world and the hereafter. If we are disciplined, diligent, in 2045 (Indonesia) can become a superpower. The condition is that our children and grandchildren are productive and competitive," Emil said.

    Emil also advised that the community, especially West Java residents do not spread hatred so that the province with the largest population in the country could be developed Islamic progressive and also progressive.

    In front of dozens of worshipers of the Al Barokah Jami Mosque, Emil did not forget to explain the revitalization project of the West and East Coast areas of Pangandaran, which was promised to be neat during the momentum of the new 2020 celebration.

    "It is only the citizens who follow the directions of the government to be comfortable for visitors, for citizens, for all," said Emil.

    As for the Subling Congregation agenda at the Jami Al Barokah Pangandaran Mosque, dozens of worshipers ranging from fathers, mothers, youth, to children.

    Dede Solihat, Head of SMPN 3 Pangandaran, became one of the congregation who attended to follow the Subling Congregation agenda with the governor.

    "I also invite the teachers here to pray in congregation. In the future, I hope Subling will be more frequent because this is an opportunity to greet residents," said Dede.

    "The Kang Emil revitalization program is also very good, I support. Hopefully West Java will be successful and move forward," he hoped.

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