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    Governor Released Participants of Jabar International Marathon 2019 in Pangandaran


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY - The loud sound of air horn and colorful confetti that flew to mark the release of the participants of the Jabar International Marathon (JIM) 2019 by the Governor of West Java (Jabar) Ridwan Kamil, Sunday (1/12/19), on the West Coast of Pangandaran.

    Since 5:15 WIB, the governor, who is familiarly called Emil, released runners in the Full Marathon (42K) and Half Marathon (21K) categories, then proceeded to release the 10K category at 5:30 WIB and 5K at 5:45 WIB.

    In total, there were 2,500 participants from West Java, Greater Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, the United States of America, Kenya and Australia who took part in the world class marathon event in Pangandaran.

    In the second edition of JIM in 2019, there is a brand-new category, namely the 1 kilometer Kid Sprint, which is attended by 100 students from eight elementary schools who are traversed by the marathon route. The little runner was released semringah by the governor.

    "Kid Sprint 1K is funny, and at the same time so that local kids are used to love running sports," Emil said.

    To be sure, Emil stated that JIM has been asked to become a routine activity in West Java's strategic tourism program.

    Through the ongoing West and East Coast revitalization project, Emil also encourages the implementation of the next JIM to be better with an increasing number of participants.

    "Next year the bigger, the better, the more international and (at that time) Pangandaran is cool. Because (Pangandaran) is the display window of West Java's tourism," Emil said.

    The Best Governor of the Central Region of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) also said the West Java Provincial Government (Pemda) strongly supports the development of West Java through the revitalization of tourist areas and transportation from the airport to the toll road.

    Finally, Emil appealed to the participants of JIM 2019 to help promote Pangandaran. "After finishing (running), use a cellphone, promote Pangandaran so that everything will get more advanced, more crowded," he said.

    "Every year (JIM) is enlarged until one day becomes the best in Indonesia," Emil hoped.

    Accompanying the governor released the 2019 JIM participants that morning namely the Head of the Youth and Sports Service (Dispora) of West Java Province Engkus Sutisna and the Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata and his deputy Adang Hadari.

    Meanwhile, Bogor Mayor Bima Arya was listed as a participant in the 10K category. While the Head of the West Java Provincial Transportation Agency, Hery Antasari, joined JIM 2019 as a participant in the 5K category.

    One of the Kid Sprint participants, Nasya, admitted that she was very happy to be able to take part in running events in her area.

    "To be healthy, I also join the extracurricular run at school. I'm happy to join the busy event," said this 5th grade kid.

    In line with Nasya, there was Rendi, a 5th grade student at SDN 5 Pangandaran, who was proud to see the figure of the Governor of West Java.

    "It's only the first time I see (the governor). I also like running, I want to be an athlete. I finished fifth, at school the fastest (running)," exclaimed Rendi.

    Not Just About Tourism, JIM 2019 Supports the Environment and Local Human Resources
    In the event held by West Java Dispora in collaboration with Pocari Sweat and the IdeaRun Idra Run race management, the runners did not only drain sweat, but could actively participate in protecting the environment.

    One day before the marathon was held there was a clean-up agenda for Pangandaran West Coast. The theme of eco-sport tourism aims to preserve the environment while at the same time succeeding JIM 2019 which is clean, fun, safe, and comfortable.

    "The regent reports, Saturday and Sunday (Pangandaran) are always busy, especially on holidays, indicating that many visitors 'residents' economy has also been lifted. The key is to promote tourism types, for example the Jabar International Marathon sport tourism," Emil said.

    During the event, the organizers also did not use plastic cups, but glass from paper materials including the use of traditional Pangandaran woven basket bags.

    In addition to the eco friendly concept, there are four other concepts, namely reborn, happiness, carnival, and local engagement.

    Related to the latter concept, JIM 2019 involves local volunteers at the water station so that knowledge transfer will emerge from the organizer to the local residents. There are also 700 marshal who are residents and youth of West Java.

    "I think the youths of Pangandaran will learn, how slowly they will have the knowledge to manage events on a local, regional, to international scale," Emil said.

    "It takes time, this (JIM) only twice. In the following years the majority (local committee). I have also discussed with local youths, they are optimistic about the future of Pangandaran. This is a good message, if young people are optimistic, the future (area) is bright, "he said.

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