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    West Java Governor Hands Over Three Mascara in Pangandaran


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY - West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil handed over three units of the Champion Village (Mascara) Aspiration Car to Kalipucang Village, Cimindi Village, and Pangandaran Village in the field of the Kalipucang Village Hall on Sunday (1/12/19).

    The car key was received directly by the head of the three villages in Pangandaran Regency. Kalipucang Village and Pangandaran Village received Mascara because they were Independent Villages, while Cimindi Village was a Tourism Village.

    Ridwan Kamil also hopes that the three villages can be the best examples of the use of Mascara.

    The figure who is familiarly called Emil was also the first to tell the beginning of the birth of Mascara as one of the leading programs of the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province through the Office of Community and Village Empowerment (DPM-Desa) of West Java.

    "So I can talk about the villagers in social media (social media), transporting the sick, transporting difficult goods, wanting to watch a movie, the dangdutan rental sound system," Emil said.

    "Anyway, this (Mascara) car can do everything, if possible, the four functions will be 15. To transport sales to the market, it is possible. So I want to get a story, this car is used. I want to prove, people's money back to the people," he added.

    Finally, Emil hopes that the Mascara giving to selected villages in West Java will be able to be a stimulant so that other villages are encouraged to move up the class.

    "So if it is independent, it will be given facilities like this (Mascara). This is the innovation of the West Java Provincial Government," Emil said.

    According to the Head of DPM-Desa Dedi Supandi, this year the West Java Provincial Government gave 126 Mascara units to 126 villages in West Java, including Bekasi, Indramayu, and Ciamis.

    Mascara was given to the best villages, starting from the Mandiri Village, the Innovative Village, the Tourism Village, to the winner of the village competition.

    "This year 126 (Mascara) was given in West Java, Pangandaran Regency this year to get three. On this occasion, the Governor handed over mascara operations to these three villages," Dedi said in his remarks.

    Present at the Mascara launching in the villages of Kalipucang, Cimindi, and Pangandaran were Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata. He hopes, next year more villages in the area will get Mascara.

    Meanwhile, Head of Kalipucang Village, Sudarsono, said that his party was very happy to get the Mascara after sealing the status of the Desa Mandiri in 2018.

    "The community welcomed positively, in addition to providing cars, Kalipucang became an Independent Village. Maybe it is often for Maulidan activities or it can be used to bring produce," Sudarsoni said.

    "In our village, the majority of people are traders, a small proportion are gardening," he added.

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