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    Acting West Java Regional Secretary Opens Human Rights Week 2019 Festival


    BANDUNG CITY- Acting West Java Provincial Secretary Daud Achmad officially opened the 2019 Human Right Week Festival in the Ki Hajar Dewantara Room of the West Java Province Education Office, Bandung City, Saturday (11/30/19).

    According to Daud, the activity that was held by the West Java Law and Human Rights Awareness Student Forum was a forum for young people to increase legal awareness and expand knowledge related to Human Rights (HAM).

    "Because later it will become a provision for them (the younger generation) in the future," said David.

    Daud also asked West Java students to follow FPSH's steps in creating positive space and activities.

    "This will certainly prevent them from negative activities such as brawls, bullying or also for example activities that are now very worried about, namely radicalism," he said.

    "Especially for this FPSH, I think the activities carried out can ward off radicalism," he added.

    West Java Education Agency Secretary Firman Adam said, FPSH is a forum formed through the collaboration of a number of parties. Starting from West Java Disdik, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Defense, West Java Regional Police, Kodam III / Siliwangi, to the Ministry of Religion.

    In addition, Firman said, FPSH has a crucial role in raising the legal and human rights awareness of West Java students. "For this reason, the role of FPSH is crucial in providing understanding and education on legal and human rights awareness," he said.

    The 2019 Human Right Week Festival itself took the theme 'Synergy Together Caring for Diversity, Fostering Solidarity Towards West Java an Inclusive and Fair Champion and Caring for Human Rights'. And lasts until December 10, 2019.

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